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How much to get all fluids replaced at a shop?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Darren96, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    Am wondering how much it will be to get my fork oil, engine oil, coolant and break fluid all changed at a shop? Ball park figure? Just bought a bike with not the greatest service history and all fluids look old and basically too lazy to do it myself and lack the DIY to bleed breaks etc.

  2. Get motivated and do the engine oil, coolant and all filters yourself. Don't leave filters out.
    Brake fluid is easy but just takes time. You might not need to put too much through it but at least get it coming out clean and with no air bubbles. I'd flush more. Try it.
    What are the fork seals like? Seals and oil might eat up a reasonable amount in cost.
    If it hasn't been well maintained check the brake pads as well.
    I know you are asking for a cost and I'm saying to do much yourself since you can get comparable costs by simply ringing around.
  3. Depends if you supply the fluids. Ballpark I'd probably say $150-$250.
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    Engine oil: ~$45
    Oil filter: ~$15
    Coolant: ~$30
    Brake fluid: ~$20
    Fork oil: ~$20

    Parts total: ~$130 in fluids
    Labour: ~$100/hour...3 hours?

    Total: ~$430

    This is getting prices from Supercheap/Ebay and then just picking an average. Labour cost I am not sure, but I imagine $100 being a good ball park figure. Hours to get the job done...could be less, could be more and depends what breaks/needs replacing along the way.

    So don't expect much change out of $500. Labour will hit you the hardest over the actual items themselves.

    Please note...I may just be pulling crap out of my arse.

    EDIT: If you want to save money, do engine oil/filter/coolant yourself. That should save you a fair bit on labour seeing as you will most likely need to pull the fairings off (assuming it is faired). Doing forks and brake fluids don't usually require fairing removal so shouldn't take too long...well you hope.
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  5. Seems I was overly generous then ha.
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  6. Most bikes these days do not have a drain screw in the forks, so they require removal from the bike & partial dismantling in order to drain the oil. This would take the most time to change of all the fluids, say about 1.5 hr. Allow 0.5hr for the coolant, 0.5hr for engine oil & filter, 0.5hr for brake fluids. So I'd agree with phongus's estimate, however it can vary alot if there are any problems.

    It can take longer if you want to use an oil flush treatment on your oil prior to changing, which means the bike needs to be run for 15 minutes prior to draining to allow the detergent to work its magic.

    It also can take longer depending whether the coolant is just drained & refilled or if you want cooling system flushed with fresh water after it is drained & the catch bottle removed & scrubbed clean.

    Also regarding brake fluid, simply changing the fluid is not all that is needed to keep the braking system working properly. Many manufacturers recommend a full dismantle & clean & replace all rubber components every four years. Which means new caliper o'rings, new master cylinder piston kit & resivior rubber, and new brake lines (Not that it ever happens, but they live in hope).
  7. do your engine oil by yourself, its very easy and you might as well start doing it now because you should never pay someone else to do it for you, as it is just that simple. especially with a VTR, im fairly certain they have extremely easy to access cartridge filters. Just drop out the sump plug, drain drain drain, i use one of those alfoil bbq roast trays as a catch tray, remove filter, drain, discard, pour oil into a 3L milk container, screw on new filter, put in sump plug, fill up slowly, checking often so as not to overfill, turn bike on, run for a bit, check for oil light and then shut off and recheck oil level.

    then take bike to mechs, ask them to do fork and brakes, tbh i would save up for new springs and a front caliper rebuild if your going to take it to them for the fluids, might as well fix the parts too, springs will be like 100$ probably, caliper parts are cheap as you have single disc, i probably wouldnt do the forks unless your also doing the springs, the biatch is taking them out, so get as much done while they are off the bike as possible.

    Get your mech to take your oil from your milk container, they should happily do it if your giving them other work.