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How much time is need to repaire a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fuping, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. I had an accident December last year. And I took the bike to Peter Stevens Ferntree Gully store for repairing.

    I call them every single week since February. They always tell me the bike could be ready next week, they are just waiting for some parts. And I called them again this afternoon, I was been told I had to wait for another 2 weeks, as the parts were still not arrived yet.

    As been told this way for more than a month, I don’t believe them anymore. The bike has been there for more than 2 months and they are still waiting for parts? I am just wondering how much waiting time has you guys experienced?
  2. There have apparently been delays in shipping parts from Japan recently, due to typhoons or some such...
    Still, the ones my bike was waiting for only took a fortnight, and if I get it back this week as promised, it'll be 5 weeks total. I think this is a long time myself, but I actually told the repairer not to rush it since I still can't ride anyway...

    3 months and you're still waiting for parts? Doesn't sound right to me...
  3. it depends on what bike and what part, some or the more uncommon or older bikes may need abit of time, but most main stream popular models it should be that much of a wait, if it's a Jap bikes the drama's over there could of caused a delay, that being said, a mate had a order for some cbr parts that took 2 weeks.

    all in all though the repaired should be able to give you some idea of the time frame.
  4. Mine is CRB 250R 2011 model.
  5. That is totally unacceptable.
    Tell them bluntly, it's ready to be picked up 5pm this Friday, or Monday morning a formal complaint will be lodged with consumer affairs.
    And make sure you mean it.
  6. Ring Honda Australia... I had a problem with a repair of my Triumph (dragging on for 9 weeks) last year and ended up calling Triumph Australia. The outcome... I had my bike back in two days!
  7. Thanks for your suggestion, but as my bike is insured, the insurance company has given the approval on early January. Could I still be able to change the mechanics?
  8. does it need painted parts????
    cause sounds to me like they are most likely waiting on a fairing or tank..... not uncommen for these to take 3 months.
    especially when they need to remanufacture everything as its nil stock, (not an backorder, where they ship it from their japanese/wherever warehouse... then it would be 2 weeks) and that takes time.
    (honda make the bike, not the parts - so if they need a new run of parts it needs to wait till they can slot in a manufacturing run, with the supllier.)
  9. Mate that is crazy. It's a current model bike, the parts only have to come from Japan, not the other side of the planet.

    Call consumer affairs. Shouldn't have to wait that long.
  10. Yes, I think so.
    As all the demages I can see are scratches (the bike was sliding on the street but did not hit anything) on the plastic panels and the muffler
  11. The tank was fine but fairings were demaged.
    They didn't tell me which part they were waiting for.
  12. Ah Fuping, wondered where you were, sorry to hear you had an accident on your bike mate.
  13. Overseas parts can take 'forever'!!!
    We had a Dodge Caliber that needed a new crank & conrod,,,,took 8 MONTHS!!!!!
  14. Thanks Michael, I really miss you guys.

  15. 8 months??!!](*,)](*,)](*,)
  16. I've got the same bike as yours....came off the bike in October 2011...and got the bike back in Feb 2012....the part they were waiting for was the fairing as the bike were still in production. The fairing was still in manufacturing stage as a spare parts.., that was the part i was waiting for. It seem you are having the same problem , also your insurer has just been approve in Jan...so the process will take a little bite longer for the parts to arrive.I know how you feel , i was on the phone almost everyweeks....it suck when you have to wait that long unlike the car repairer.....Good luck and keep ringing just to annoy them so they know you want your bike fix.....
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  17. Just slightly left field. Ring the insurance company and ask them "when will I get my bike back?" They pay the bills and will make a call to the approved repairer and ask them and as most repairers don't want to piss off the money flow from insurance work you might get a returned call with an expedited date.

    Good luck.

    Cheers Spocky
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  18. im waiting for a sticker, for my motorbike, its been almost 4 months. GS500F 2010 rarest bike ever. may i add that is through a repairer, least i have my bike to ride though,,,,
  19. Find out exactly what parts the repairer is waiting for. Then contact the bikes manufacturer to see if there is an issue with the parts you require.
  20. I can see from a consumers point how frustrating the situation can be. I run a panel shop and encounter these sorts of problems almost daily, the worst of it all is the latest cars are pretty bad on parts support or anything 10 years plus. It is not uncommon to wait 4+ weeks for simple parts, even silly things like badges.

    To be honest, if they have started repairs to your bike, they'll want it out the door sooner rather than later. They want to get paid, if they outlay money a month ago for parts and it takes another month to deliver your bike, it'll take another month to get paid for the job.

    I'm not defending their actions as the case may be a little different, just putting a repairers point across as too many consumers think they know better.