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How much should insurance be?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bugeater, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. I've been thinking about getting either a CBR1100XX or a VFR800 and got some online quotes from Western QBE for comprehensive insurance. $1666 for the VFR800 and $1018 for the CBR.

    I'm rather surprised that the VFR is higher. I'm also surprised how high the quotes are full stop. I'm 30 and have a full license (in fact been riding nearly every day for 13 years). I don't have a no-claim bonus as far as I know because I've only had 3rd party (with Swann).

    Is this to be expected? I'm wondering if Swann would quote lower, since I've been with them for years and they know I've made no claims.....

  2. "No claim bonus" makes a big difference.
  3. If you get the right person setting up the deal for you, Swann should be able to get you a rating one based upon the fact that you've had X years' insurance with them non-stop. They did it for me using my history of 3rd party CAR insurance.

    Perhaps speak to Judd Greedy at Redwing, he did a good deal for Chengaleng. He's also a supersport racer for Honda, so he tells a good story or two.

    The VFR may be more expensive due to the fact that they are much harder and more expensive to work on, or so I hear.
  4. How long is a piece of string ?
  5. My VFR was $600 through QBE at rating 1. You really should investigate transferring your car rating and using it for your bike
  6. I don't have a car rating - I've never owned one. I've always motorcycled.

    Anyway, I spoke to the guy at Redwing and he has managed to get me a full no-claim bonus through Swann, since I had the third party through them. He also managed to get another few bonuses. It is still about the same as QBE without a no-claim bonuses, but I'll go for a couple of months with Swann and then I might change over.