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How much should I pay for a 30 yr old Vespa?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by plainfaced, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi there. Wanting to get my lisence soon and with so many choices of bikes, such a variation in price, size etc, I have chosen to go for a scooter.
    Ive found a small scooter garage that has quite a range of old Vespas and Lambrettas etc. They look very hot, and they are all in good condition.
    Now I know these pieces of machinary are getting to be antique, but is $6000 too much for a 30 year old Vespa.?

  2. 6k for a 30 yo scooter? are you on drugs.... :LOL: 6 grand can buy you a hell of a lot....shop around matey, but if antique scooters float your boat then go for it!

  3. $6K will get you a brand spanking new 250cc sports bike, but yeah, as CK said, if that's what floats ya boat, then have fun
  4. yeah, i was going to say...

    you can get scooters alot cheaper than that with all the mod cons. but if that's the image you want and you're prepared to pay that kinda money...

    where is this shop located? website?
  5. What model / price are you looking at?

    For comparison, here are current retail prices in Australia (plus on roads) for brand spanking new units:

    • Model, Capacity, Retail price
      LX2, 50cc, $3890
      PX200FL, 200cc, $5990
      LX, 125cc, $5990
      LX 150, 150cc, $6745
      GT 200, 200cc, $7790
      GTS 250ie, 250cc, $8790
  6. Hmm, If you're going for the 'old school' image I'd get a brand new PX200 - still manual, still the same looks, just newer technology and a more reliable & eco friendly engine.
  7. Hmm, If you're going for the 'old school' image I'd get a brand new PX200 - still manual, still the same looks, just newer technology and a more reliable & eco friendly engine.
  8. $6000 is way too high for a vintage scooter unless it is a collectable model that has been fully restored.
    Realistic prices are around the $3-4000 mark for a restored Vespa or Lammt depending on the model. An unrestored runner look at $1500-$2000.
    Check the provenance of the scooter. Be very careful buying a scooter that has been restored in Vietnam, India or Indonesia.
    Often they are clapped out scooters with field-made parts, loads of bog and welds but with a real pretty paint coat (that might last 6 months).
    There are plenty of Viet-bodges in Australia at the moment and there are a few restored properly. Buyer beware.
  9. You can buy scooters for roughly $3k new, not that I know anything about them but some guy tried to sell me one once...
  10. Well there are a few that you can buy in adelaide brand new for around 2K I think. If you buy a Vespa for 6K I hope that someone comes and kicks you in the head.

    6K would get you like an '02 R6 or something... What is wrong wit u. I will tell you what, go spend 2K on a scoot, and if you really wanna waste your money, give me the other 4K alright? Deal?
  11. Hmm, don't know much about scooters myself, but hey split the other 4k with me Sketchie? :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Have you run it passed these guys: http://www.vespa-house.com.au/.
    I was once in a Ska band and lots of the lads would frequent this shop when in need of something like that extra mirror.
  13. Ooookkkay, so plainfaced is wrong for wanting to get a scooter of a particular style because YOU like sports bikes? That's like me saying to YOU that if you don't buy a CB250 as your next bike I will set your house on fire. It's called choice. Besides where are you seeing an '02 R6 for $6k?
  14. The price of a new scooter, motorbike or car has absolutely nothing to do with its historical or classic counterpart.

    Plainfaced was asking about restored Italian 1960's 150cc scooters not modern plastic Chinese 50cc ones.
  15. quick look on the trading post and a 1965 model goes for $3800ish to $5500ish

    Unless you have deep pockets i'd keep away from vintage bikes of any sort and especialy european ones. parts will cost more for a start, also check out things like tyre sizes to make sure there not some odd ball expencive item.
    Insurance MAY be more $$$ and in some cases a LOT more.
  16. They're wicked little machines, but I would consider getting a newer model for that price. The parts are going to kill you later on down the track, sometimes they're just impossible to find.
  17. How much have you got?......., Then that's your answer. :wink:

    A vintage European bike will continue to suck at your finances till it turns you inside out and spits you across the table. If you've just gotta have one then you won't mind but if it's just a passing phase, it could be frustrating and expensive. :)
  18. Generally speaking, parts aren't hard to find for most 1960-70s Lambrettas or Vespas. Earlier ones are. But they do cost money, I agree there.
  19. Hey mate,
    I've been down this road myself. I was very seriously looking at an early 60's vespa about 3 months ago.

    It comes down to what you want to do with it. Yes the 60's vespas are fantastic and you will love it, but if you are going to use it every day to get to and from work then you really want something that is super reliable.

    The vintage scoots are expensive to buy and expensive to maintaine and will continue to cost you money. They also tend to be very temprimental and if your on teh way to work and it just dies then you might be in trouble with the boss.

    But if you've got the time/cash/ability to nurture it and give it the attention it needs then by all means go for it.

    People who say stuff like you could get this or that for 6k dont really "get it" so dont worry about them. Of cause it is these people who are probably far more sane than you or me, but since when has buying a vintage bike had anything to do with sensible! :)
  20. Unless it's brand new and has PX200E on the side of it, I wouldn't be paying $6k for a Vespa.

    If it's an old one you're considering then you'll also want to make sure it didnt come from Vietnam or Indonesia. You see them on eBay, they're shining and have lots of chrome but the bodies are usually filled with car bog, there's compliance issues, the engines are fried or rebuilt with cheap parts. If it's a tarted-up import then you should run a mile. Australia has a lot of directly imported 150 Super models floating around from the 70s, they're a reliable bike and easy enough to find parts for.

    I've even seen a few old early 60s models with modern PX (probably more like Bajaj or LML engines) installed in a vintage frame. They're not built for those engines and though they offer reliability, personally, if someone offered me a ride I would take a bus instead.

    If you have $6k then either buy a brand new, safe, reliable PX or find an ET4 or LX second hand.

    But that's just me, I am PX biased :)