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How much should i be paying ??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by reachjatt, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi guys just wonder'n geting my first service done since i bought my CBR 1000rr 2007 it has done some 6995 k on it. Can any one tell me what should be serviced apart from regular oil and filter .. and how much should i expect for service.

  2. Frist service at 6995k's?
    Please tell me you took it in for the 1000k service :shock:
  3. Oh!! Sorry i should have mentioned since i bought it ... this is first time i am getting it serviced bought it on 5487k's all the previous service where done on it
  4. Look in your manual/warranty booklet. If you don't have one, get one.

    Ring a mechanic and ask.

  5. fixed[/b]
  6. Mr whipster Forums are thier to clarify things don't post stuff that is not valuable for someone who raised the topic please keep your smarta** coments to yourself

    I thought i might get response like - Service place etc
  7. He did post usefull advice. The best place to find what needs to be serviced will be the manual. It would be much quicker then hoping that someone here with that bike and remembers that service will tell you.

    Calling mechanics is the best way to find out a price as prices with change from place to place - see PS threads.
  8. A dealer will charge you about $250, which is a lot of money for what is basically an oil change and oil filter change.
    Have a look at your service book and it will list all the items that require attention. A lot of the items are things like chain adjustment, brake pad and fluid check,throttle cable adjustment, etc.
    Get some oil ($50) and a filter ($20) and do it your self.
    My CBR1000rr has 42,000Kl and has only been to a dealer once, that was for a warranty issue, new stator and fly wheel.
    I'm only now thinking about getting someone to do a service as I need to get things done such as plugs replaced, all fluids replaced and valve clearance check.
    It's realy only the valve clearance checks that faze me a bit and I may even have a go at this, undecided at the moment.
  9. how much it costs for service will be different between places and mechanics.
    its all labour costs, and slight mark up on parts, althou some are dodgy and charge through the roof for everything.
  10. Do it mate. I've only done a shim adjustment once. It was fiddly, and a bit crap, but when someone is walking you through it it shouldn't be too hard to do it again.
  11. +1
    Not something I'd wanna do again for the fun of it, but if it means saving $$$ .. and your half-capable .. do it !
  12. It isn't hard, really. You are measuring an airgap, that's all.
  13. Thanks for the comments regarding the valve clearance checks.
    I think I'd be OK with the checking part, but at 42,000 km chances are if the clearences were still in spec. they could be close to the limits, so while everything was apart this would be the time to change some shims.
    I guess it will depend on whether I've found something else to spend my money on at the time.
  14. All done

    Thanks Gizge you legend mate !!! got me self
    K&N -filter - $22.00
    Castrol Power1 Racing 4T Fully Synthetic 10W-40 Oil 4L -$59.00

    All Done !!!