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How much should a service cost?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cobes71, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I am wondering what a fair price is for the 24000km service on a CBR600F.

    I have booked it in at Freedom Motorcycles Brookvale on Monday.

    They have quoted me $297 plus parts. As I am new to motorcycles, I have no idea what a service costs.

    Advice on a rough price, would be appreciated.


  2. Welcome to sports bikes!
    If its a valve adjustment service (your book should say) its about right although I wouldnt expect any higher.

    It costs a lot of money to run big shops.

    Just make sure everything is itemised and that they call you if they find anything major.
  3. Sports bikes


    Just a little unsure as I had no idea of price.

    I all ready found out about costs with two new Batalax tyres costing $460 fitted.

    Still can't stop me riding everywhere including my sleep!!!

  4. Just make sure they actually do what they are charging you for.

    the price of $297 says to me they are just quoting it from the honda time manual x their hourly rate. This is how lots of shops make money, because the times for doing certain work in the factory manuals is usually calculated by doing the job 100% correctly.

    Dealers will often take shortcuts, by not removing certain things where possible etc so they charge 4 hours labour as per the book, but they actually only work on it for 2.5 hours. In theory that would be illegal, as they can only charge for the time spent if they calculate or quote based upon an hourly rate.
  5. You will only find out what a fair price is by getting quotes froma number of shops.

    There is no maximum charge - it is quite fair and legal for a shop to quote you a high labour rate, any rate they like, if you accept the quote given before the service is performed. It doesn't matter how much time they spend on it.

    If it is a quote they are bound to charge you that irrespective of whether it takes twice the time or half the time.

    On the other hand if they give an estimate, that is not legally binding. Shop around - some independants charge a lot less.

    It might pay to get an estimate on the price of parts as well - some places really load parts prices. They will know what is needed - if they say otherwise you might need to find someone else.

    BTW, that sounds like a good price if the valve job is being performed.


    Trevor G
  6. that service would cost you 600 bucks plus at a big dealership
  7. Thanks to all for there feedback


    For all the feedback.

    It still might cost me the $600 yet as who knows what parts they will come up with.

    As for shopping around, I will pay whatever is costs. Call me old fashioned. But I brought the bike there, he appeared to give me a reasonable price. Until they do something wrong by me, they will keep my business. I buy all my other gear there.

    So I suppose you wonder why I even asked. Probably because I have no idea.

    I looked at the owner's manual and there is alot of inspect. Only three replacements Spark Plugs, Engine Oil and Filter. So I suppose it all depends on what the definition of inspect boils down to. As to if the $297 is fair or not.

  8. I have only bought gear from Freedom - pretty good service.

    Maybe try Brian Connors - I doubt he'll be much cheaper, but just as close, and the good thing about Brian is that he'll explain everything and talk and talk about your bike like it's the only one they're working on.

    I've also had work done at Motorcycle Weaponry at Mona Vale (I know not close, but the only other bike workshop on the beaches), and they're pretty good guys as well and they had some top notch bikes there they are always working on - so if they are working on race bikes, they must know something.
  9. For what it's worth, routine services on my bike are usually around $300, with a mix of lubricants, adjustments and replacement of expired parts being the common profile.....
  10. I take mine to motorcycle weaponry in monavale:


    Freedom I've always found very overpriced. The service is pretty good if you're talking to the lady but not really the others.

    The guys at monavale always treat me fairly and regularly do free minor stuff as I try to only go there for servicing/tyres, etc. And when they're working on very expensive aprilia's and ducs, and augustas, etc. and doing alot of race set ups, you know they have to be decent.
  11. Thanks Phizog

    I will give freedom the first chance. You know that loyalty stuff that rarely happens now days.

    You know like the fact insurance, phone and internet companies don't seem to give a rats if you have been with them for 20 years or 10 minutes. It is all about the dollar.

    But I shall keep motorcycle weaponry in monavale in mind as you are the second person to recommend them.

    Best of luck with the count down on the full license. Being new what is the new bike going to be. Or is it a matter of no plate and no restrictions.

  12. Thanks :) SV is the new bike for me, not sure exactly what you mean though. When I'm on fulls I can finally ride it.. after a year or so of this thing I'll move on to vfr or z750 or something :grin:
  13. I had no idea of your circumstances


    I was unaware of your circumstances, of if or what you were riding.

    So was interested in what the new license meant for you. As I have seen the count down numerous times now.

    So basically you will be legal to ride the SV in 10 days time.

    I brought the CBR600F I have. After one day deciding I wanted a motorbike, prior to having any license. But I had the advantage of being over 30. So it only took to weeks for the full license.

    So now I am really a learner on a full license. Trying to come to terms with riding a bike on the road with those darn car drivers.

    But I have been doing lots of km's and am booked for a Stay Upright Advanced Course.

    Best of luck again.

    I hope to start doing some rides with the guys from the forums.

    So I hope to catch up.

  14. Service signed sealed and delivered

    Hi All,

    Well service is now complete. Cost $395.45 including labour, parts, consumables, lubricants and GST. :grin:

    Itemised bill. Listing what was Inspected and what was replaced.

    All in all Happy with the service.

    Thanks again to all.


    May the sun always be shinning. With the road long and twisty.
  15. Sounds like a pretty reasonable price, did the do valve clearances?

    Yeah I've been riding for a year and a bit, but sold my 250 to kenno (didn't realise it'd sell so fast) so have been bikeless for a few months. Alex just rode my SV down to monavale to get a rejet and some other stuff but they're very busy so will have to just deal with just a rejet before I ride it. I'm having a ride on the 26th (not this, but next saturday), if you want to come you're welcome to join.
  16. Valve clearance check


    Yes they did valve clearances.

    Unfortunately on the 26th I am hoping to do the Vietnam Veterans Poker run. Being a serving Navy member and a returned service man myself. I kind of feel obliged to attend.

    But thank you for the invitation. I am sure we will cross paths at some other time.

    I am keen to go to the terryhills coffee night. And I have registered for the events calender.


    May the sun always be shinning. With the road long and twisty.