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How much road rage do you take from a cager before you snap?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by smidge, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. got my first proper decent bit of road rage today...

    turning from the front of the lights on the inside lane, lights change to green but i notice a truck not slowing down as soon as i would have liked to i hesitated for about 2 seconds before taking off... turning round the corner a black corolla goes racing around the outside and then back into my lane...

    having a 'WTF?' moment i slow down to a bit under the speed limit and look in my mirrors and this chick is going nuts at the wheel waving and swearing etc

    anyways i continue along, keeping an eye on her, and her traffic luck stays bad and she ends up behind me for the next k or two RIGHT on my back tire

    now in my car i would have brake checked her something severe but not game to do anything like that on the bike

    so anyway, round the next on ramp after which two lanes merge into one... i give it a bit, but the little 250 is well matched by this 'rolla (plus i didn't think she'd bury it and i was in the wrong gear to take off) and she pushes me out of my lane and into the gutter all the while narrowly missing a 4wd thats merged in front of her

    by now i am PISSED off and have had enough of her games so filter up out of the traffic and hope thats the end of it

    but NAY, she returns and is on my ass and switching lanes trying to get through the traffic, the next time we stop i point straight at her and gesture that i'm not happy about the incident

    i'll admit i had impure thoughts about borrowing her side mirror or applying some panel work to her car but was happy just to get out of there...

    one of the funniest things i've read on NR is someone said in response to a 'Do you give the nod?' thread, to which the best response was "nah i just give them the bird and see if they'll biatch about it on NR that night"

    well i wonder if this cager psycho lady purposely tries to kill MC riders so they'll have some threads to start...

    and that's my story...
  2. There are too many stories around of psychos, men and women, carrying pistols and iron bars and baseball bats in their cars, for me to entertain doing anything other than pulling off the road into the nearest driveway and pulling out my mobile......
  3. If the two lanes merged into one, without line markings indicating one lane ending then that's a zip merge, and whichever vehicle is in front has right of way. If that was the case, and she was ahead of you, you should have backed off rather than be pushed out of the lane.
  4. nah i was ahead of her in the merge lane, when i moved to the centre she decided she didn't want me to be in any lane at all so i had to hit the anchors and ended up behind her and in the gutter, thats when she almost ate a 4WD's rear door

    if i'd been on the ball and in the right gear to get out of there good and proper i wouldn't have had to worry but she was very persistant and rung that little rolla's neck to try and kill me
  5. You a pervert? :shock:
  6. sounds like you've learnt a lesson - don't take any shit from anyone, but that doesn't mean fighting - either stop, lane split or take another way home - they will fcuk you up, and then turn around and say "I didn't mean to" (they are clueless) or they will say it was all your fault.
  7. If he'd said he'd pulled out a vibrator I would understand what on earth you mean, but since he didn't... Que???
  8. Sydney drivers never cease to amaze me. Some people seriously need their heads read. I haven’t had the experience on the bike yet, but have too many times in the car :roll: Glad that you came out of it in one piece mate. Probably best to just pull over, let her past, have a quite laugh at how pathetic some people are, and continue on your way :)
  9. i try and gauge who the clowns are and just hop in behind a slow car till there gone as they don't get angry at u for going slow and still piss off, too hard trying to reason with them
  10. I'm with Joel on this, I try to not get upset as I refuse to let a 'nobody' on the road determine how I am going to feel. Normally I'm just minding my own business, enjoying the ride and having a fine day so why let someone else change that? Particulalry someone who I don't know, someone of no significance to me (or to anybody else, usually).

    If she were someone of some importance then maybe you can pay attention ... but some chick in a Corolla? :roll:

    I know it's easier said than done, but it's a worthwhile attitude in some cases.
  11. i hadn't gotten any at all until yesterday, took me by surprise a bit

    others i know have gotten some on their first few rides

    good suggestion about not letting some nob you don't know ruin your day

    i was pissed that she'd almost run me off the road, should have found a way to get out of the way i reckon much sooner than i did!
  12. The child in me wants to carry a pistol in my riding jacket that I can pull out and wave around threateningly to such cagers.. course it'd be a stupid idea, but I'd be fun :grin:
  13. Re: How much road rage do you take from a cager before you s

    Was she hot?
  14. "the one who angers you controls you".....it's so true. And seeing you get angry at them is just going to make them happy. I am sure it is more annoying for them to see us just calmly get out of their way and leave them to it. Easier said than done I know. I have often felt like kicking the side of their car in, when they have done something stupid and dangerous, but just take a deep breath and remember what my husband (also rider) said to me from the day I started. "Just remember this is some pathetic f**kwit who you will never see again in your life and don't let them spoil your ride". I also take comfort in the thought that when they end up in hell, they will be forced to forever ride in the company of thousands of motorcyclists who will do to them what in the past they have done to us.
  15. Re: How much road rage do you take from a cager before you s

    Pu$$y ;) :p .... I had a 4wd do this to me when i was on my 250, and he did all sorts of things to keep up, and I did the mild and sevear brake checks... and then gave me lip about it when pulling up to the next set of lights... :roll:
  16. Doesn't work if you live in a small town, possibly why drivers seem to get worse the larger the city (less accountability for their actions).
  17. I know how you feel mate... Having had a few people trying to kill us of late, it amazes me that people think we are indestructable and can tailgate/merge on us assuming we'll be fine. I have been talking to guys at work who openly admit closing gaps when they see bikes filtering, because it's unfair that we get to "push in". Despite my best attempts to get them to see that we are infact helping traffic congestion, they can't see outside their small little self obssessed worlds.

    Damaging other peoples property (mirrors) is not the way to go, but giving them the message that they don't have the right to drive in the manner that they are, seems fine to me.

    Hope you don't come across too many more psycho's like her!
  18. I've always thought if anyone knocks me off....it will be on, that necessititates my survival in the first instance of course.

    The only time ive gotten physical so far, I was waiting at the lights on Springvale Rd( what else would I be doing on Springy......) & this Magna

    starts rolling into my lane as the driver hasnt seen me. Stationary, straddling the machine.

    I just had to reach out & slam the side mirror asking WTF are these for then.........

    Her hubby looked a little uncomfy being that close to me

  19. I never see a reason for getting physical, except in a situation where you had to defend yourself or your loved ones. And let's be honest, that might happen once in your life if ever. The idea of hurting a complete stranger over some stupid traffic altercation seems totally ridiculous to me. Where do we live, in a jungle?
    I thought we left this attitude behind in primary school .... :roll:

    PS. the road and the traffic is what it is in a big city, you're not going to change it. If you're feeling vulnerable riding, then get a car.
  20. You could if people were held accountable for their actions more. Ideally this means more cops actually booking people for things like tailgating, failing to indicate and just generally driving like a knob.
    Failing that we can only hope that if crap drivers get honked at, abused, etc. often enough they might at least start thinking that maybe they do need to change the way they drive. Of course some drivers require more persuasion than others. Do nothing and they'll continue to think they're the greatest driver on Earth.
    I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if someone walked into a schoolyard waving a loaded firearm around, why is putting other peoples lives at risk with a car any different?
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