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How much oil should I have used for the ZX2R?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dru, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm hoping somebody knows the answer. I drained the old oil out yesterday and filled it up with new oil (Motul 5100) and replaced the oil filter as well. However I'm not 100% sure that I put in enough oil in.

    I know that, at operating temperature, it should be at half way on the indicator window (level on a flat surface), but when it's cold it doesn't even reach the bottom of the window at the moment. If the bike is swung from side to side I can just see the oil peeping up from the bottom of the window.

    Looking online, it says the oil capacity is 2.6L. I believe I've used that much, but should I top up the engine with more oil? Kinda paranoid that's all.

  2. Is the bike level so not leaning when you are looking at the window?
    That will make a big difference.
    I doubt that it would need much more if any over 2.6l
  3. Yep the bike is level. I get somebody to sit it upright (as I don't have a centre stand). As mentioned, this was checked while it was cold so I'm not sure if the oil should still be visible in the window. I'm also worried that it says the sump capacity is 2.6L but that may not be taking into account the changed oil filter as well (which will absorb oil too).
  4. Well my bandit 250 was 2700ml + a bit extra if you changed the filter as well. Don't just fill the oil up with a "specified amount". Stand the bike upright, ie level, get someone to hold it for you if necessary. Have the oil at least halfway up the sight gauge, preferably towards the top of it. Whether it is cold or not, doesn't matter, as long as the engine has sat for 2 minutes or more since running.
  5. Put more oil in. You'll find that the oil level drops when the engine is running due to oil circulating in the pumping/filtration system. If you replace the filter, standard practice is to start the engine, wait until the oil light goes off, kill the engine, then check again. often i'll find i'll have to add between a dash of oil and a few hundred mils. (Depending on engine size)

    Even though there is a "Specified amount", there can be a significant tolerence. How do you know the bottle markings are exactly 100/200ml apart? How do you know the bottle was filled to precisely 4 litres? How do you know the residual amount of oil in the sump? How do you know the manufacturer just didn't round to the nearest 100mls? How do you know that the sump was stamped precisely?

    The Purpose of the oil window is to show the "safe level" - that is, enough oil that the oil pickup can pick it up while undergoing various operating angles and surges, plus a particular "safety window", and not too much oil that the reciprocating components are "slapping" the oil, causing a significant loss of power.

    As such, if in doubt put a little more in. and with the bike vertical, it should be within the upper half of the oil window.
  6. Sweet, thanks all. I pop in a little bit more oil today.
  7. There is likely to be a High and Low mark on the oil window.
    Fill it to the high mark when cold but no more.
    There will be SFA difference between almost full and over full.
    Next time measure 2.7lt in a jug (bunnings) + 100ml or so for the filter.
  8. Thanks 2wheelsagain. You're right! there's SFA difference between full and over full. I think I might have topped it up just a little bit over full so I may need to drain a little bit today. However, the engine sounded a lot better yesterday after the slight top up. Thanks for the info regarding the amount of oil required too.
  9. My old 2R took 2.5 litres. Engine cold, the window would show about a quarter when leaning on it's stand, and completely black when stood upright.
  10. Mine takes 3.0lt of Castrol Activ-4T