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How much oil do I put in?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by brindley, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've just drain the oil from my '84 Katana and are putting oil back in.

    I am following the manual for the GSX750E/ES which I would assume would have the same engine as they ran from 1983-88.

    In the manual it says to put in "3.7 L" which I'm assuming to be 3.7 Litres, it says to put in 10W/40 however says that 20W/50 is also ok, so that's what i put in.

    Question is...I put in 3.7litres and watched the oil widow at the bottom of the engine, but it is only just at the bottom of the widow, not between the two points as suggested in the book. Do I put in more oil as this will take it over the recommended volume of oil or do i just leave it at 3.7litres?

    I haven't taken the bike for a ride yet either, so with this be the reason why it hasn't showed up between the two markers?
  2. Is the bike upright? It needs to be. Did you replace the oil filter as well? That can add capacity. Let the bike run for a minute, stop it, wait 5 minutes, then check the level again (when the bike is upright).
  3. The bike is on it's stand which leans to the left, and the oil window is on the right.

    I sat on the bike and ran it for about 5 mins, then put it on the stand and had another look however no change.

    I didn't change the oil filter.

    Do you believe I should put more oil in it until it reaches the recommended marker? This would mean that approximate 4 to 5 litres would have been put in.

  4. As Phizog has mentioned the bike needs to be in the straight upright position. IE: as if some one was sitting on the bike , which by the way is a good way to check if you have someone who can sit on it while you check !. And wait for a minute or so if you have had it running to ensure all oil has returned to the sump before checking .
  5. I think the bike needs to be upright to check the level....
  6. Bike needs to be upright...

    And if you have changed oil and put in 3.7 ltrs, and not changed the filter, it is now over full.. :eek: