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How much more visable could you be

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by icestorm, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. #1 icestorm, Sep 20, 2010
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    flashing lights bright bike and high visablitity vest yet this driver doesn't see him till he's within 1-2 meters WTF!!!

  2. sure the cager should of been payiny attention but ffs surely the copper must of thought this is a farking stupid thing to do ](*,)
  3. No job is worth using your own body as a human roadblock against 1200+ kgs of metal moving at high speed. That looked fatal....
  4. I'm am wondering why he didn't just shift to nuetral and get off the bike.
  5. daaaaaaaaaaaaaamnn
  6. cars will do that, but i think he could have gotten out of the way in time.
    or preferably used something other than himself as a road block, durr.
    Darwin award i'm afraid.
  7. Dammn he died to, see the driver at the end walk over the top of him? wtf
  8. how could you not see him ?
    I wonder if Ken Lay would blame the motorcycle cop
  9. texting most likely, given the amount of time the driver had his eyes of the road.
  10. The motorcycle cop failed to have an exit plan. I thought it was stupid pulling in front of the truck. It would have been curtains if he was hit by that. As it turns out, the lucky bastard survived.

    See here.
  11. ahh good to hear, youtube link says he died
  12. I was inclined to believe it!
  13. Looks like the yellow driver went straight for him too... Target Fixation or something more sinistar? :p
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  15. Poor bugga
  16. Well there's one way of getting an early retirement
  17. The pig is just as stupid as the cager. Next time he'll think twice or longer.