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How much more rego would you pay[NSW, Sydney]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, May 18, 2010.

  1. Nothing. The Governement should fix it by magic.

    15 vote(s)
  2. $100-250

    2 vote(s)
  3. $250-500

    0 vote(s)
  4. $500+

    5 vote(s)
  1. Since petrol dropped from $1.30 odd to $1.15 Sydney has just choked up. It wasn't good before and yes there are a lot of factors, but in the last 6-12 months it has just become stupid.

    So I propose a congestion levy:

    • To be applied to cars registered in the greater Sydney, Inner Newcastle and Inner Woolongong areas
    • To be proportional to vehicle fuel economy
    • Not applicable to motorcycles
    • To be wholly used to improve the public transport network and significantly reduce public transport fairs
    • partially refundable (say 50% for the time being) if the vehicle did less than 10,000km last year per person/vehicle at the residence. Alternatively this could be refundable on production of 10weeks (for example) of public transport receipts/tickets.

    So how much would you be willing to have car rego increase by?
  2. I…

    Actually, I'm just going to stay out of this one for the sake of my sanity.
  3. they should first improve the public transport .
    to cover 40km it takes up to 2 hours on sydney trains.
    this trains are packed, no room in peak hours.
    Recently there was an accident in newtown some girl jumped in front of a train, result whole of cityrail network was paralysed for 2+ hours .

    how much would i pay for rego they could increase it by 200% but only but as long as the transport was as good as in germany, france, spain, japan, -
    then it be one car per family instead of one each.
  4. I don't think there are enough public transport fairs as it is. They should hold at least one annually :)
  5. fair enough.
  6. Hmm... Personlly I don't think it neccisarily needs to increase by much at all. Given the state of our roads, I find it hard to believe that all the money made from the fuel excise is being spent on maintaining our roads. Anyone who catches public transport knows that it is blatantly obvious that it isnt being spent on improving that either.

    Of course, I have no idea where the fuel excise money goes. Perhaps it goes somewhere more vital to our society, like the health system. (jokes aside, I don't know where it goes. Does anyone have any ideas??) As far as I know the excise is quite high. 80c p/L (? open for correction anyone) Even as low as 50c p/L, that is still a helluva lot of money...
  7. It's only about 1/3, most of which (all?) goes to the Federal Goberment and there is no obligation to spend it on roads (nor should there be IMO).
  8. If they fixed up public transport they wouldn't HAVE to slug the poor motorist. The year is 2010 and it takes longer to travel to the CBD by train from Wollongong (MORE than 2 hours) than it does to drive; why WOULDN'T you drive??
  9. YEAH now your talking mr hornet.
    the year 2010 and the trains dont go over 60km/h .
    I did Koln (germany) to Paris used the Thalys train covered this distance in 4 hours. some sections going over 300km/h this is space age for australia! Did i mention free Wireless as well!

    Portugal: Porto to Faro - used the tilt train at 260km/h (train tilts an amount of x degrees to maintain cornering speed)

    did i mention yo can drink beer on the trains as well....

    To my surprise Poland have better trains as well. Very comfy!

    Fu*en space age ...... mate

    Hornet, 2 hours if your lucky, had a mate travel from Gosford to work in sydney once a week he arrives 5 hours late, starts work at lunch time, why? stuck behind a Freight Train! the trains in europe during WW2 were more efficient then in here.... owning a car is not an option is a must in this country unless your a stay at home mum and can afford to spend half of your day on public transport...
  10. Why do you feel there should be no obligation to spend this money on roads/transport. It seems to make perfect sense to me..
  11. likewise.
  12. Now I am from Melbourne but libved in Newcastle and Sydney.

    fair enough

    ummm OK so what if I need a bigger car to tow or have a large family

    ummm OK

    Yep that works

    OK this is a real problem, I do 35,000kms commuting to work. Now not everyone is going to be able to use public translport or require a car to carry out thier job. This rewards the inner city trendies and leaves us poor suburbanites in the cold.

    nah mate if you want to encourage people to use public transport then make it virtually free and expand it's coverage.
  13. The rubber hits the road if you CAN'T drive, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphor. My son has no license and has been trying to get a job for nearly two years now, but the arthritic Public Transport system and Centrelink's rules about job accessibility mean he can't even take a job in the southern area of Sydney, even if it was offered.
  14. "Rail experts from Hong Kong were paid by CityRail to compare Sydney with metro systems around the world for efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and maintenance.

    They found that Sydney lagged behind every city on every key indicator - even compared with the rail systems of Santiago in Chile, Bangkok and Moscow." -new.com.au



    France - England


    Australia 2010

    dont worry mate she will be fine
  15. The government needs money to do everything they do. If the spend all of the money raised on petrol only on roads and transport, tax will need to be increased elsewhere and dramatically so.

    What amazes me about this thread so far is there seems to be an attitude that the government should just send the state/country into debt to solve the problem.

    Come on the Netrider collective is smarter than that. To fix the problem they need money. Where are they going to get it?
  16. Then that's your decision and you need to factor the cost into that decision. I suspect peoples "needs" in this regards are mostly want. In fact I am confident in it.

    Bikes get an exemption not because I'm biased but because they ease congestion.

    I'd suggest most people doing those sort of numbers are living in an area that would be outside the levy zone. Those that are have made a decision to live at x location and work at y and should be discouraged from doing so. Which is the very point. Also the aim of the levy will be to increase the network and parking at stations.

    Yep I agree. $2 to get through a turn-style no matter what and only cleaning and security at station. But it will need to be subsidised and where is that money coming from?
  17. Well yes, you can't break the second law of thermodynamics. But the fuel excise is not the gov't sole source of income. None of us can know where all the money from any given tax/excise/whatever goes, but somehow I get the impression that it could be better spent. I'd hedge a bet that we could increase the gov'ts revenue tenfold and still not have smooth roads and a good public transport system. I'm of the opinion that lack of money on the gov'ts behalf is only a small part of the issue.

    Also, typing that sentence out reminded me of another vehicular tax that we are subjected to (in NSW at least). We pay stamp duty on selling used cars here. Where does all this go?
  18. There is no such thing as congestion on my motorbike! Filter than shit!

    Must save me 20 and sometimes with traffic both ways, 40 minutes a day to/from UoW!
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But how about you compare metro trains to metro trains, not metro trains to long distance intercity trains.
    Really? Where do you live? If you're south of Hurstville/Padstow/Liverpool I can't see you saving more than 5 min by riding rather than driving.
    Disagree with Gong and Newcastle.
    Think it should be based on where you take your car rather than how far you take it, and peak hours only. Ie. citybound southern cross drive, parra rd, etc. Benefits for carpooling.
    No private transport within cbd (4 wheels). bound by Eddy Av, George St/Cleveland St, Liverpool St. Only busses, taxi's, logistics & trades (must be working in cbd not passing through) and PTW.

    the recent fair changes were excellent, my weekly PT cost reduced by half. But it should be cheaper for inner suburbs (particularly eastern subs and majority of inner west with no train line).
    Duplication of most rail lines and dedicated express lines for Explorer and Intercity services
    Actually using duplicated track when its there (IE SOUTH/BLUE LINE!!!!! ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,) )
    More faster urban trains (main stops only) - use different track to all stops.

    The problem with sydney is
    a) infrastructure already there and hard to change. Can't just add train lines. Busses would best support what we have.
    b) not enough population and not dense enough in inner suburbs. There is no way we could support a similar underground subway system to london, paris or tokyo - not enough people or money.

    A few other ideas but no time top get them out - will come later. I know this is mainly solutions rather than ways to a solution, but they are tied together (sort of).

    Hornet: Trains to gong take so long simply due to the escarptment and nothing else. The windy route and reduced speed limit and speed capability (waterfall disaster iminent) add a lot of time and distance to a 110 blast up the F6. However, once the suburbs are reached nothing will touch the express train. 30 min from central to Sutho is a wet dream if commuting via car - hell, even for a bike. They wont even get near a standard train trip - 40 min to sutho from central.
  20. quoting myself ftw.

    so reiterating and advancing:

    1. start off with levy applied for driving into city for major arterial flow: Southern Cross Dr, Anzac Parade, William St, Oxford St, King St, Paramatta Rd, Victoria Rd, and something from the north - Military Rd or Bradfield highway cbd exit ramp or something. No bonus for car pooling, they can just share the cost between them.

    Revenue to go into better and more train services, direct services to major work centres (Chatswood, Parramatta, Burwood) and recognition by PT services that northern suburbs and northern beaches actually exist. On the I wish list - Penrith - Parramatta - Central high speed rail link as well as Ctown - Central and possibly Wollongong - City, Newcastle - City. Wollongong - City would be a major pain due to aforementioned escarpment.

    2. Restriction of access to cbd in daylight hours. Push towards working from home and satelite working centres.

    3. As for suburban traffic: if your child is over 12, there is no reason they cannot catch bus and train to school. If they are under twelve why are they going to a school that is further than walking distance? Primary schools are much of a muchness generally. They can walk a k without to any trouble and you can go with them, get some exercise (if you have time to drive them to school you have time to walk them). If its a private school further than walking dist they can catch the bus, lots of other 6 year olds have and do.

    Really, PT in sydney would be much easier to manage if the population of sydney was within 5-10 k's of the cbd. Spot the difference:
    They both have about 300 stations. The first are almost all within 5 km of the cbd and has 214 km of track. The latter has over 2000 km of track.

    This guy has an interesting proposal for cityrail... sweet dreams though.

    Just for a reference point. Tokyo's rail systems
    metro systems
    greater tokyo systems The metro system fits into the small greenish rectangle thing