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how much metalware do you have in you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. just to see who is NR's biggest cyborg.

    ..or scars, permant injuries?

    anyone got a titanium skull plate yet?

    i'll start>
    umm, one hip titanium..and maybe thirty odd stables that i'm currently picking away at, 3am in the morning.... missing a finger, quite a lot of cool scars but nothing too outrageous... and not many teeth left... and i have a walking cane too, which i don't mind actually, good for whacking children with...not quite ready to try out for the special olympics yet, but getting there.

    i'm sure theres a few here who can top that?
  2. Smashed my heel off dirtbiking

    They did this :-s


    To install 8 screws and plates


    Yeap....it really hurt ](*,)


  3. Nothing here yet ( touch wood )
  4. Sometimes I have a spoon in my mouth... or a fork.
  5. Hmm...current tally:-

    Replacement Parts:-
    Left Shoulder Joint - Ski Crash
    Plates in Left Arm - Same Ski Crash
    Left Knee Joint - Tree Fell on Legs (Long Story)
    Missing a toe - Frostbite
  6. One in the left arm. I had one in the left wrist but they took it out because it was causing more problems than it solved.
  7. Right Tibia, plate + 7 screws (rock climbing)
    Right Hand, plate + 7 screws (stairs and alcohol)
  8. so was it the stairs and booze that got you interested in rockclimbing:LOL:
  9. :LOL:

    Rock climbing fall was Jan 2005
    Stairs fall was June July-ish (fukn cold months) 2007 I think...
  10. I don't understand why the modern hospital technique is to use metal for repairs - I really don't like the idea.

    I had a broken tibia, broken ankle, bilateral colles (broke all 5 wrist bones in each arm), broken ribs and numerous broken toes over the years. Only ever used plaster casts to fix them and I'm fine.
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  12. 'Cos, based on what I've seen, it gets the patient mobile a whole lot quicker in the majority of cases.

    I haven't got anything yet, but then, I'm one of the few fat bastards to have photographic evidence that I've got big bones, so maybe I don't break quite as easily as others :grin:.
  13. +1

    My broken hand case:

    --Saturday night/sunday morning broke it.

    --Went to hospital, too drunk to administer drugs (didn't need any anyway), have to come back at a later date.

    --Sunday, learned to drive one handed and sleep with arm elevated (still no pain killers).

    --Monday I call the number I was given, told surgery is next week on public system. Email then call my GP, I'm booked in for private surgery on Tuesday lunch time.

    --Tuesday arvo, have operation, make a young nurse get dizzy/faint by showing her how I can click the two parts of the broken bone together (they were quite misaligned). Wake up, still no pain, interesting.

    --Wednesday, remember broken leg case, and take only anti-inflam's, feel fine, still no pain. WIN.

    --Thursday, hand/wrist was bandaged in a really strange twisted position, wrist bone is starting to really hurt, broken part feels fine.

    --Friday lunch time, crack the shits, call my GP about wrist pain, he gives me a shopping list to get from the chemist. I remove all bandages (one left hand only mind you, house mate not home), clean wound, place a giant band-aid on incision site.

    --Friday arvo I've learnt to type and write again and can resume uni-studies / drinking / cooking / eating / banging it into things etc. Still no pain (unless I slammed it into something).

    6 Day's break to use. 2-3 Months stretching tendons to suit. WIN.

    Leg; 7 months from break to assisted walking, 5.5 years on still can't run properly, can't play inline hockey, get random pains, can't walk solidly all day (read: following females around shopping), and other slight issues. Not so Win.
  14. mmm..
    i think i'm giving Le Squid the reigning title thus far.
    very creative surgeon, maybe he just got a new cordless drill for fathers day.
    ..or maybe he was tripping on LSD.
  15. Inside of right arm
    Outside of right arm
    Right leg
    X-ray of right arm

    Total carnage was five fractures (two of which were compound) in the right arm, compound fracture of the right femur (also plated and screwed and which later received a bone graft) and a broken left little finger (now sans the K wire used to hold it in place). Being hit by a truck sure makes a mess:-s
  16. my vote for j3st3r!
  17. Yep sure beats my 6 inch (thats 150mm for you young'ns) screw to hold the right ankle together (roller skating in 1978)
    Right knee to be replaced soon , dropped the Duc in 2000 and split the tibeal platue front to back and 50mm down.
    Latest scar from bellybutton down to :censored: from prostate cancer surgery is nearly healed but you won't be getting pictures of that one!
  18. I will need to work on my accidents to compete in this game.
    I went to hospital every year for 7 years straight, and I'm not even close to coming in 6th so far.
  19. I'm going to have find some photographs....clearly the evidence needs to be graphic!
  20. see j3st3r, that's what happens when you hoon and do burn outs on postie bikes...!!