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How much margin is there in a used bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rider214, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I'm shopping around and wondered how much room there would be on a second hand bike listed for $22,990? Is it 15-20% or thereabouts (or more)? Wondering how hard I should haggle and where the probable floor is?

  2. The answer is as much as the dealer can get away with.

    They want to sell but you hold the money. Power is in your hands.
  3. +1.

    I'm assuming you're looking at something exotic at that price.

    Some dealers put the price up so much so that when you haggle them down to a price which is still too high, you feel like you're getting a bargain. They wanted 6990 on my 250, bought it for 5000 :roll: Get an idea of how much you can buy the bike for privately, then add a grand or so.
  4. As hard as you can. Used vehicle salesmen aren't really people. We all know that.
  5. 20,000
    19,000 if the seller is a soft cock

    is it a 1098
  6. It'd wanna be a hellava bike for that sort of price. What is it? Not trying to be hostile, just curious.

    For that money your looking at serious machinery, stuff that performs well *and* has a soul...dream material.

    Answer to the question? Same as the other guys - go hard or go home. Ask them if they'll take cash :LOL:
  7. Actually, I think go one better.

    Take a certain friend of Mediterranean extraction. No-one haggles better.
  8. Redbook is your friend, take the trade in price and the private sale price and it will be somewhere in between not including expensive mods etc obviously.
  9. Does Redbook pricing come from real data? I swear the asking prices on most used bikes are anywhere from 30-50% higher than the top of the "private sale" price listed in Redbook. Don't get me wrong, I expect people are likely a bit flexible, but THAT flexible?
  10. Redbook make a good bargaining point....So does walking away if you think the price is excessive....If you arn't comfortable that the price is fair then vote with your feet...Another deal will eventually appear.
  11. The bike's a 2008 model BMW K 1200 S. I've ridden it and it was fantastic.
  12. I've found redbook to be good. Yes, most prices you see in classifieds are way more than redbook says. But, they'll never sell at that price. There's what people would like to get, and then there's what they actually get.
  13. That's encouraging :)
  14. I've always had one saying when buying anything expensive, bikes, fridges, stereo's whatever;

    Your there to buy something at the best possible price for you, not to make friends.

    Fukn hammer them. If you go to hard and they refuse to talk to you, they always have a boss.