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How much is too much?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Scooter_Timmy, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. My Vespa GTS250ie needs a new battery and my mechanic tells me it will cost between $150~$200 to replace... the bike is only a few months old and I'm using it alot. Does this price sound about right for a scooter battery or am I being taken for a ride :roll: ?

    Is there a 'safe' way to buy batteries online like a motor eBay instead of always going through a dealer for scooter parts?

    Thank you!
  2. Just ring around the local auto elecs for a start. Then there are specialist battery places like 'Battery World' who are online.
  3. Is your warranty an option?
  4. Apparently it won't cover 'wear and tear' including batteries :( I checked with Battery World online and it seems they don't stock/list my models battery. I just can't tell if $150ish is fair for a battery, seems so pricey is all.
  5. Mate your warranty is just what their specific warranty provides, you still have a statutory warranty (as you have when you buy anything). This dictates that a product must be fit for purpose, it must perform its advertised duties in a reasonable manner and must last a reasonable amount of time. Given that its only a few months old, its not reasonable for the battery to fail with normal use.

    Go in to where you bought it knowing your consumer rights and talking about the above and they should give in. If they don't you can take it further, or at least threaten them to take it further. Always works for me.
  6. Sounds a bit much to me. Even if his not taking you for a ride and the battery is that much, i'm sure there would be cheaper options.
  7. Disrespect, cars come with a one year battery warranty an some new batts have 2 year warranties.

    Im sure youre being shafted unless you did something to cause it to fail.

    I would have thought it was closer to $80 for a small battery.

    You can get a Commodore battery for less than $100
  8. That's bullshit.

    Does that include labour? Replace it yourself and save.
  9. a battery for a scooter?
    cant you just hook up a couple of AA duracells?

  10. Just bought a new battery for my VTR was about $60 bucks. So yea I think you being taken for a ride ( pardon the pun)
  11. :WStupid:
  12. It seems excessive... IMO, you don't need the exact same battery, it just needs to be the same size (or smaller) and have the same (or greater) CCA's. So take it to a battery place and ask if they have one in a similar size.

    The last time I bought a m/c battery, I got the acid in a seperate pack and had to put it in the battery myself. Don't know if it's still like that though..
  13. I reckon you are being ripped off.
  14. Hey Timmy , the first thing I would have asked and demanded an answer to is ........why does my new scoot would need a new battery , if its only a few months old ............ then I would have queried the price

    by the way .....the battery in my truck died just after Xmas and it was stamped April 1999 ..........thats 7 1/2 years of faithfull service
  15. Thanks for all your help guys! I will be definitely pursuing it armed with alot more knowledge now. I now know that my particular dealer is known for his shady practices, so I will be definitely demanding a replacement battery, or if all else fails I will shop around at the auto shops. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone! :grin:
  16. Name and shame!
  17. Hmmm - if you know he's known for shady practices, WHY are you going back???

    If you do have to go back to him, I'd be doing 3 things:

    1/ MARK your current battery in some way (for identification in step 2)

    2/ DEMAND to see BOTH the old and new battery BEFORE installation (and make sure it IS a new battery!)

    3/ ADVISE him that any shenanigans (or further shenanigans, seeing he's already tried to rip you off) will be reported to Consumer Affairs (or Fair Trading, or whatever it's called down there :wink: )
  18. Even with my very limited knowledge about 2 wheels stuff. I still think $200 for replacing a battery which is a few months old is abit excessive.

    On the other hand the battery shouldnt have died within a few months.
  19. The battery is dead?

    Well it can either be charged or it is faulty.

    If they are telling you a 2 month old battery has failed, and it's 'fair wear and tear' [and you haven't left your ignition on and flattened it into oblivion] then you should get a new one under warranty.

    This will, in most cases, be handled by the battery manufacturer; get the name off the battery and see if they have an agent in Australia.

    If not, the dealer you bought the bike from should be able to arrange it for you.

    Batteries are [sort of] a "wearing part" but ask the dealer, is the battery worn out or faulty?
    Wearing parts can be faulty too.

    Personally I'd tell them "If I'd flattened the battery, it could be charged. If it's died on it's own and can't be charged; then it is faulty. Nice try, I want my new battery under warranty now."
  20. I do wonder why the battery has failed - could it perhaps not be the battery itself but the consequence of a problem somewhere else in the electrical system...

    We are looking at a vehicle that is Italian and has an electrical problem... That's like talking about oldTriumphs and oil leaks - the two are synonymous. :grin: