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How much is too much?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Probably been done to the death before...

    but does $500 sound right for a basic service on a VTR250? seems a bit pricey to me.

  2. As fas as I remember for my VTR basic service always was about $250-$270. So...I would say $500 is too much...
  3. A standard service on any bike down here is $270
    I think your over paying.
  4. There's a place near MCA (Motorcycle Accessory Supermarket) in Liverpool that should see you at least halving that bill mav. Can't remember what it's called though but I'll be over that way today so I'll see if I can check it out for you.
  5. mav definitely pricey. My recommendation instead of going to a big name shop that have big overheads to coup hence higher service costs seek out a small 1 or 2 man operated motorcycle mechanic whom will offer you personalised service at 1/2 or less the cost of what you have been quoted for a minor service.
  6. i got my 12000ks service (major one) for $340
    i would be shopping around mate...
  7. Are they quoting for a fix for your recent non-starting problems?
    Def. too much for a basic service...
  8. For a service it sounds expensive, which shop did you go?

    Is your one just a basic service or is that including the fouled plug problem? this might be pushing up the price.
  9. they quoted $300 for a service, and i mentioned to them about the fouled plugs / starting issue when i dropped it off

    picked it up 2 days later with a $500 bill.

    $300 was for "inspection labour"

    $200 for parts and gst...including $40 for oil...$40 for 1900mLs of oil??????? (filter and labour was a seperate charge)

    i asked them about the fouled plugs / starting issue, their reponse, "got no idea mate, just open the choke halfway when you start it up"
  10. cheers. look forward to hearing about them

    bugger all motorcycle repairs in Western Sydney unless they are a major dealer

    the dealer where we bought it, Teammoto Blacktown
  11. It was threads like this that made me search high and low till I found a decent mechanic. I'd hate to be quoted one figure but asked to be paid a different figure. I do my negotiations before the service takes place that way you know what you are paying. If something out of the ordinary comes up they should call you to let you know.
  12. yeah that's what i was trying to achieve, trying to get them to confirm price before getting it done, but they ended up shafting me anyway and having to pay $500 to get my bike back.
  13. I think this is one attitude in the motorcycle (cars too) industry that needs to be changed asap. And also the lacklustre attitude of some motorcycle dealers where they act like you are a burden to them when asking questions expecting you to know everything. If I knew I wouldn't ask you would I.
  14. They legally can't withhold your property.
    They MUST allow you to take it away, and use other means of debt collection to get their money.
    I know that it didnt really apply, but doesnt hurt to know your rights.
  15. We need more mobile bike mechanics. mmm possible franchise in the wings ha ha.
    Ok most shops are around $100 to $120 p/h labor.
    Basic service = 2 to 3 hours
    + parts
    Major service = 4 to 6 hours
    No it's not cheap. Never thought bikes and cheap could be used in the same sentence.
    And the pain of owning a new bike or not knowing how to do your minor sevices yourself.
    It really isn't hard and worth the cost of doing a course. Let alone the peace of mind when out on the road

  16. Try Bikesmith in Blacktown, mine was a bit expensive but it also came with two new tires and a major service along with some other stuff not included in the list below. My bike at that time also had close to no engine oil and was the reason it was starting to sound/go rough (previous owner didn’t do any service apart from the initial 1k).

    Overall the communication of work to be done and asking permission for extra work was top notch. They guy I dealt with was also pretty friendly and knowledgeable. They even took pictures of the individual parts before doing the work and pointed out exactly what was wrong.

    I think the main thing in your case would be the "got no idea mate, just open the choke halfway when you start it up" as far as im concerned this advice is pretty damn weak and doesn’t really fix anything. Hopefully your plug issue is resolved.

  17. If a local mechanic is charging $300 for a minor service and a mechanic 100kms is charging $150 for the same service I know who my business would go to.

    Shop & ask around don't just drop your bike/s off to the first Jo Blow mechanic you come across just because they are close or you bought your bike from them to ease any future heart ache. Seems there's some shonkies in this industry as with other vehicle industries.
  18. My mate took his Blade 929 back there, same deal he bought it from there and it cost him $1200 bucks for a service and brakes for front and rear....
    he got done big time....so i would say they are rip off's
  19. Certainly does. Thanks for the tip.

    i know how to do most stuff except for changing tyres, bleeding brakes and electrical system

    took it for a service because
    (a) kept having starting issues
    (b) had no service history for bike so had no idea when last authorised major / minor service was done

    but your mention of going to do a course has set my brain working...

    will do

    agree. wasn't sure if he was being serious, so i repeated the question about 3 - 4 times from different perspectives and even made him go ask one of the other service lads...his answer didn't change.

    assholes. lesson learnt i guess.
  20. Not necessarily the case

    from fair trading NSW http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/Consumers/Motor_vehicles/Repairs_and_maintenance.html#top

    "If you are not able to pay cash, make sure an alternative method of payment is agreed with the repairer before the job is commenced.

    The repairer may retain your vehicle until the invoice has been paid (possessory lien).

    TIP: When a repairer applies a lien the owner may sue the repairer in the local court for the return of the vehicle. The repairer may retain the vehicle until the court orders its return to the owner. The police cannot order the vehicle’s release. "

    Essentially if they want to be dicks they can.