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How much is the usual fee for RWC?[vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bonjoji, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Hi there, does anyone knows how much is the RWC usually cost assuming everything is A OK with the bike? Thanks in advance. --J.

  2. $50 from mamaries :p
  3. Usually about $50 bonjoji. What are you looking at getting?
  4. thanks again vic.
  5. pppffftttt! Damn dial-up :roll:
  6. thanks.
    i placed a deposit for a used gpx250. i've taken most of the advise from this forum and go for a used bike to learn on. i was initially looking at b'new kwaka gpx250 or hyosung gt250, but after consulting the forum realise that a used bike suits my situation better. :)
  7. Way to go...save up for the new bike when you've gained experience and got off restrictions.
  8. Sorry bonjoji, I forgot to wish you luck and safe riding :grin:
  9. $50 for a normal place, $70 for a ripoff (e.g. geoff taylor)
  10. I went to a guy in fitzroy,
    he charged me $66..and $30 to change the brake fluid cos it was contaminated:|
  11. You could also shop around for a car mechanic that can do them. Generally $35 to $40.

    Some dealers are just way overcharging :evil:

  12. I wonder if they are really allowed to "overcharge" on RWCertificates

    If the business is licenced by Vic Roads to conduct them maybe a complaint or three to them might have some affect :idea: :?:

    charging anymore than $50 is WRONG bikes are easier to roadworthy than cars :evil:
  13. There is no set charge on RWC's. Like everything, you shoudl ask for a quote before letting someone proceed with doing work, so ring and ask first. RWC pricing depends on the age, type and condition of the bike being examined, and the hourly rate the mechanic/dealer charges.

    The only way to compare pricing on RWC's between mechanics/dealers is to get a quote for the exact same bike.
  14. I was charched $ 90 for the first roadworthy ( which the bike failed ) and I didn't like there attitude so took it somewhere else for the second roadworthy and was charged $ 60. It sure payes to shop around.
  15. I know that the mechanics have to actually buy the road worthy certificate books off Vic Roads - which is ludicrous when they are doing them a service :evil:

    I start working at a bike shop today (not as a mechanic, I'll leave that to the Man of the House :LOL: ), so I will be able to find out exactly how much it costs them to perform the roadworthy. I know when they charge $50 for a RWC they aren't making much out of it at all.
  16. I paid $77 at Jeffrey's Honda, and $60 at Pablo's tyres in Mulgrave. Pablo's seemed not to be to strict because i was keeping it.
  17. Would you believe $100 at Ray Quincey? Not bad for 15 minutes work! And that's when he actually bothered to look up from his computer and serve me. All I wanted to do was buy a bike off them!! One less potential customer....
  18. $14.90 here in God's Country.
  19. +1
    Vic Roads de-regulated RWC testing fees years ago. Seems no-one wanted to spend all that time checking vehicles for $27.50 :shock:
    The 'going' rate for a bike is around $66. Cars around $80 pay anymore and I'd be concerned.
    ( Netriders naturally get a discount on their car RWCs ) :wink:
  20. Actually, I know a bloke down your way Vinnie, who has quite a reputable business tackling RWC's for cars. I have no affiliation with this company, but more info can be found at www.rwctest.com.au