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how much is reasonable for learner to spend on gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cleanhands, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. About to do my learners and am set on getting a CBR250RR, but will give up on it if I can't find one for a reasonable price. I'm budgeting a max spend of $6000 on the actual bike and initially I budgeted about $1500 on gear, but now I'm kind of unsure having had a look at prices of various gear. I feel its more important to spend on myself (safety) then it is on the bike. So I've upped the budget to about $2500 on gear (which means I'll spend less on the bike) - do you guys think this is reasonable?

    I was looking at trying on various helmets, suits etc and then ordering online. Dainese delmar (with wave back protector), delta pants, alpinestar SMX-5 boots (I'll be walking around in these at uni) & SP 2 gloves are what I'm considering. As of yet I still have to try on hemlets with my glasses to see which fits best.

    How long does your gear last? How often do you guys replace/upgrade? When buying Dainese or Alpinestar am I paying an excess for gear that isn't really needed for someone commuting daily? I'm trying to justify to myself spending, what seems to me, such a huge amount on gear.

    Advice is appreciated. Cannot wait till I starting riding!
  2. I'm a newbie rider and I spent $1355 on my gear.

    Shoei Tzr
    Leather gloves
    Dririder climate control 2 jacket
    Hornee Jeans
    Sidi Vertigos
  3. you don't need dainese etc for commuting. try draggin jeans, textile jacket (dririder?), touring boots (agvsport?), decent gloves, and a comfortable helmet. bikemart in ringwood is good and peter stevens clearance centre in abeckett st in the city (where the harleys are) is cheap.
  4. How much you spend really depends on your commitment to riding and just how 'protected' you want to be. I think I initially spent around $750 ( 2.5 years ago ). When I was sure 'riding' wasn't a phase I was going through ( ie Midlife crisis :p ), I upgraded my gear to more expensive items.
    Spending $1500 should get you pretty decent gear, you'll spend up to $2500+ if you intend buying some of the gear you're considering.

    Note: Buying online... make sure you've hit the stores and actually tried the gear on before you buy online. You shouldn't assume a particular size will fit you. They vary from brand to brand.

    Good Luck !
  5. if you ride regularly you will probably find you will replace most of your gear every 3-4 years

    but yeah i would consider 1k -1.2k about all you should need if you shop around....

    Search for a post by "matt232" "budget riding gear" 9might still be a sticky in the gear thread,it had a good break down on costs for most gear a learner would need
  6. Your first set of gear will most likely last longer than your first bike, so buy good stuff.

    $1500 will get you pretty good gear, $2500 will get you quite good gear.
  7. I think I would have spent about 1k on my first set of gear.

    Will be spending more on the next set.
  8. I use -:

    $200 dri-rider jacket (on special down from $350).
    A $200 set of kevlar jeans.
    2 sets of gloves ($75 and $50)
    R-Jays boots ($200)
    R-Jays water proof over pants ($75)
    HJC Helmet ($350)
    Balaclava ($15)
    Neck warmer ($10)

    So yeah... allow $1000 to $1500 for gear, more if you want name brand stuff :)
  9. I think you should spend as much as you can on gear. I went through this earlier this year and this is what i ended up with;

    - Shark RSI $470
    - Ixon sismic flash textile jacket $300
    - ixon climber textile pants $180
    - Berik leather gloves $130
    - Alpinestars Gore-tex gloves $130
    - Dririder touring boots (cant remember how much)

    I really dont think you need a top of the line leather jacket for commuting and you also want to have comfy boots if you will be wearing them all day, i can reccomend the dririder boots as i wore mine at work and had no problems. I would suggest a textile jacket which is more commuter friendly because it will be waterproof and cheaper.
  10. I spent around $1000 initially.

    $300 Shark helmet
    $300 (on sale) RJays lather jacket
    $60 Dririder Assen gloves (standard issue learner :grin: )
    $200 Hornee jeans
    $30 neck warmer

    I was just wearing Doc Martens originally. It wasn't until later I spent (I think $370) on Sidi boots. Also am just about to buy $300 RJays leather pants that zip to jacket (with armour in them).

    So I concur with others. Budget about $1-1.2K for first lot of gear.
  11. I think a top of the line leather jacket is a good investment, commuting or not.

    The big benefit I see is the very sturdy shoulder and elbow protection they have, compared to lighter textile jackets
  12. +1 to the shoulder and elbow protection, its worth it as I have experienced first hand.
  13. Hi Cleanhands - it is worth looking in the for sale section of the forum here too. I got an RJays leather jacket, great condition for $170. There are always second hand trousers in there too be they kevlar or textile. The only thing no-one will advise is a second hand helmet for obvious reasons.

    My first was a KBC VR-2 for about $360 ish - great helmet; also bought a Zeus from A1 in Brighton for about $260 with tinted visor.

    Bought a Scoyco textile jacket from ebay for $160 and it is easily of a standard of named and much more expensive brands. Really good jacket with barely a mark after 18 months of daily riding and some of the best armour I have found in other makes so it's not always the cost - you can buy smart. $160 on an Ixon summer textile jacket...

    $200 ish for a pair of black draggings (also bought a pair of olive cargos for about $160)

    Gloves were about $70-80 and first boots were $160 Dririder but they starting coming apart after a year so bought some Fussport recently from AMX in Keilor for $125 in a 50% sale :D

    AMX are definitely worth checking out by the way.

    Oh yeah, and $30 on EVS knee/shin guards!
  14. My advice,

    Spend as much as you can afford on your gear.

    It is your seatbeat, ABS, SRS, safety cell etc etc etc. Regardless of whether you commute or race your gear is the only thing that helps to minimise injuries if u or someone else (ie. car around u) stuffs up.

    I have spent around $3k on gear.

    Everyday gear
    -Dainese Vera Cruz 2pce leathers - $1500 ($2200 rrp)
    -Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots - $620 ($650 rrp)
    -HJC AC11 helmet (rated 3rd safetest helmet in the 2005 RIDE mag helmet test) - $300 ($450 rrp)
    -Alpinestars GP Tech gloves - $280 ($300 rrp)
    -Dainese 2000/8 spine protector - $170 ($200 rrp)

    Winter & Wet Weather gear
    -Motodry winter gloves - $90
    -Wet weather suit - $80
    -Waterproof boots - $250
    -Thermal shirt - $30 each

    I also have a pair of Draggins, Dainese Hellrace gloves, a Rivet AIRBAG jacket & an RST Race helmet for my pillion.

    My mate who rides a 1098S has:
    -Ducati branded Dainese 2pce leathers
    -Ducati branded Puma 1000 V1 boots
    -Ducati branded Dainese gloves (2007 top of the range)
    -Arai RX-7 - Ducati branded helmet

    He had a Camry turn across 2 lanes of traffic and hit him head on at 60km/h, he walked out of it with 2 broken bones in his right hand from where his hand was crushed against the bonnet and a broken big toe in his right foot.

    The gear works and you need to ask urself "What is the price of my life?"

    Because that 'price' is what u need to spend on your gear.
  15. Helmet - Arai RX7 Corsair - $1200
    Jacket - Dainese Newsan - $900
    Gloves - Dainese Duel - $200
    Boots - Sidi Vertigo Corsa - $700
    Jeans - Hornee - $230
    Pants - Dainese Pelle - $700
    Back Protector - Dainese Wave Insert - $120

    Total - $4050

    I rock the above. Spend to your capacity.
    I don't think there is a line in the sand that you can draw and say "I spent enough."
  16. Dear Cleanhands, did you factor in the $2500 insurance for the bike???
  17. Never pay retail especially with helmets.

    Ordering overseas is a very smart option with the AUD doing very well against the GBP and not too bad against the USD.

    NB: You have to buy helmets locally.

    +1 on insurance
  18. With end of financial year closing in, this week will be good to pick up some discounts.

    I managed to get 10% off everything without even asking, and picked up some good gear thats going to last me for about $1500.

    Rynos leather jacket - super comfy, and in fat bastard size! $700
    Textile pants - can't remember what brand, but about $250
    Comfortable touring boots - $250
    RJays full face helmet - $250
    Leather gloves - $50

    I went a bit overboard on the leather jacket, but I didn't feel comfortable in anything else I tried.
  19. robsalvv:

    $2500 annual insurance???!

    thought it would be more like $1000 for 3rd party and theft. I'm almost full license...
  20. as said already, put a price on your life.

    after 5 crashes, i'e spent alot on helmets. get one that fits well, and cheaper the better, as long as its comfy. unfortunately for me, the best fit is the RX7 Corsair, like Haksu, but i paid $990, not $1200 :p

    ALWAYS ask for a discount. what's the best price you can do? make an offer etc.

    my leathers, Alpinestars, have held up in 2 lowsides at 80km/h and a highside at 140 clicks. they need repairs again, but the main thing is they work. personally, i'd go for brands like A* or Dainese with leathers, you want good quality.

    a friend lowsided the other week, the leather wore through in multiple sections, it was undamaged prior. cheap leather = shit leather i reckon. i've only had sections of stitching needing fixing, being triple stitched, it barely wore down to the 3rd layer in any crash. never had leather tear or rip or wear through on me.

    i spent about $2500 first up, and since then (due to crashing alo: helmet replacements) i've spent probably another $2000. im on my 3rd helmet, and got an awesome pair of sports boots, and my 3rd pair of gloves.

    i dont care about the cost, its my life and my skin we're talking about.

    oh yeah, the worst injury i've ever had is a small bruise, a sore neck, and a sore ankle. alot of luck, and all the gear is the reason for this.