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How much is enough road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. In between some seat time on the Putty Road today, was reading the latest edition of Australian Roadrider. Interesting to read of the announcement the Vic Police have made re GOR. In particular their increased enforcement measures including nabbing people(both riders and cagers) for crossing the centre line.

    Was ironic that having just read this article before commencing the beautiful Wollombi Road, I should be almost run off the road not once, not twice but three times in 30 minutes by cagers coming across the centre line. Although the fact that they came over my side pissed me off, the thing that really got me was that they made no attempt to correct when they saw me. If I had been in a car, every time would have been a huge head-on collision. Seems it's OK to not give a bike their fair amount of room. Reckon the closest pass was about 1 metre away with the car exactly half and half across the lanes on a 1.5 lane wide road.

    Makes me shudder to think what would have happened if I had panicked and fixated on the front of the car because it would only have taken about half a second before I became a hood ornament.

    PS. Also read with interest that VICPOL will be setting up compulsory bike stops on the GOR to provide road hazard reports and safety information. Looks like you blokes down south will be getting pulled over a lot more. And you can rightly claim you were pulled over without doing anything wrong.

  2. And not if you had of had an accident, the media would have blamed you and not the ******* on the wrong side of of the road!!
  3. Too right. Speed, I'm sure, would have been a factor.
  4. It seems to be a trend amongst the more in-bred and certainly more mentally challenged of the 4-wheeled variety that it is ok to cross the centreline as long as your only doing it for a short while... and it gives you a better line through the corner.

    There's always comments about riders being wanna-be Rossi's but it's these wanna-be Schumacher's who are the real dangers. Exactly as gegvasco said, even once they see you they don't bother to attempt to get out of the way or even back on their side of the road! I actually had a moron in a try-hard-4wd (some Mitsubishi thing i think) flash it's lights at me mid-corner just before he almost clipped me almost 1m over the line!
  5. Did a run down to Marysville in the car last year and and nearly head butted a car & a bike on different corners over the Black Spur, it's an unnecessary hazard of driving on the roads.

    Too many wanna be boy (& girl) racers out there on two & four wheels brought up on Xbox & Playstation where when you crash it doesn't hurt.

    Disclaimer: I was probably just as bad in my late teens & early twenties and somehow survived to be the 40 something old fuddy duddy I am today.
  6. Couldn't agree more!!