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How much is a bike worth? (GS500)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fangsta, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I'm looking at getting a GS500, I got $5,000 to spend. What sort of year model, and klms traveled should I be looking for?

    (yes I already have all my riding gear)

  2. Well, I can only say from my experience from looking around.

    1. Don't be in a rush
    2. You can bargan HARD with cash

    I got my 2007 GS500F with 12,500km on the clock for $5,500.00

    The only issue was a missing screw from the screen ($3.95) and a scratch at the rear on the sticker, about the size of a 1c piece...

    Fantastic bike, very clean and really looked after.

    I looked everywhere for 2 months and have no doubts that in 12 months time I could sell it for the same price if not $500 less providing I don't damage anything.

    Hope this helps
    P.S. Great Bike :LOL:
  3. I agree, there are plenty of GS500's out there with sub 15K on the cock for that price.

    Buy privately and be patient. you will find yourself a good bike for that price.

    Unfortunately for me patience is not my strong point so I bought a new one.

  4. When I got my GS500F I looked at second hand, but there wasn't much difference in the price between that and the new one. Maybe 2-2.5 thou. So I got the new one with the warrenty.

    Very Happy
  5. Geez, I'm also impatient, plus I'll have to leg it to work until I find my bike (ohh no, it's like <2kms).

    Any comments on this bike GS500F (haven't seen it yet, it's blue)
    Year 2004
    kms 26,928
    Price $5,500
    INCLUDES: Ventura rack and bag, and ventura grab bar - value $300
    Tinted windscreen - value $400
    Staintune exhaust - value $800
    New Chain and Sprockets - only done 500km

    Good value? or too old? (younger than my 1998 Virago XV250)

    Does the exhaust do anything except change the sound?
  6. If I was u, and looking to purchase that bike, I'd cost factor in the addition of tuning and jets, so I'd offer $5,000

    But there are a few GS500F's around
  7. http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/cs/bikes/specs.php?R=398807

    redbooks values the bike at around 4.9 MAX, when u keep it for a year or 2 past ya learners it should resale for near that price, u can bargain, and bargain hard ! winters coming soon and the price of all bikes will drop, every1 wants to sell before the winter period, see if u can twist their arm a lil. even with accessories u should be paying 4.9 MAX!, the sign of an aftermarket exhaust should indicate it has 'proberably' been in the hands of a hoon, the engines unkillable, BUT make sure its been serviced properly, skiped service and the high probability that it has been ridden hard will casue more problems down the track.
  8. Sorry I'm pretty new to bikes, "addition of tuning and jets" what is this?

    Thanks for all your advice
  9. Usually, if you fit a different or aftermarket exhaust on the GS you should re-jet the carby.

    (little things that put the fuel into the engine.)
  10. Fang,

    I'd say a 2004 is fine. They are pretty much the same as the 2008. The K's are not really a problem if it has been looked after. If you are unsure get a professional to look after it and see if you can get it a little below 5K.

    If you do buy it, just confirm the seller still has the removeable baffles from the exhaust. If you leave these in with a staintune you definitely don't need to rejet. They can be removed and put back in as many times as you like.

    Staintune designed it specifically that way. It does not really do much for power, but with the baffles removed it is definitley loud (I have one and the neighbours are a little dissapointed).

    Just my 2 cents.

  11. Buy 2nd hand - gs500's are very common and new ones show up every week.

    Get a pro to check it out before the deal is done - worth the $150.

    Have cash in your pocket.

    Bargain without a conscience.

    Be prepared to walk away - there's always another bike.
  12. I asked the guy about how much power it had, he said he rode it at 140km/h to and from Sydney for a few months with no problems (so yeah, it's a hoons bike) Will still go for test ride though, found it hard to find a GS500 to test on the Central Coast.

    From what people have said my 6'1 frame and 105 kgs shouldn't be a problem.

    What are the best online sites to check?

    trading post
  13. Your size is fine on the GS

    I'm 6'4" and 110ish it still hoots along with me on it.

    and those are the main sites I used.
  14. Looking at a couple of bikes on the weekend

    Bike 2005 SUZUKI GS500 Road
    Price $5,900*
    Kilometres 7,400


    Bike 2007 SUZUKI GS500 Road
    Price $6,000*
    Kilometres 8,950


    The Yellow (awesome colour) comes with a bag rack, less klms but is 2 years older.

    What do you guys think?
  15. I'm biased.

    I like the silver and black, but only because its the same as mine without Farings!!!

  16. Wooohooo, got myself an ebay bargain, will pick it up this sat.


    $5,500, 2007 GS500F, Dec rego, 12mnths wty, 3800kms
  17. Very very niiiiice fangsta!!
  18. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the next ride, I guess I better go get my P's.
  19. thats an awesome price.

    Well Done
  20. Still in a daze, will sweat the next few days until it's in my possession :eek: