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How much HP everyones putting out on the rear wheel!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by r1 robert, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi guys and girls, just wondering what hp people are putting on the rear wheel?

    Well i had mine dyno yesterday on my r1 and i got out 155hp, they said its pretty good just for a slip on and air filter.
  2. 1200cc

    about 85hp

    shaft drive
    intake and filter full of mud
    running on 91 octane with water and ethanol in it.

    seat of the pants dyno says it puts about 3 hp to the rear wheel.

    Any help?
  3. it's hard to compare robert, because obviously an r1 is going to put out more ponies than say a cruiser, or a r6.

    so if you're going to post your ponies guys, make sure you state the make/year of your bike, and what mods first.

    I have a 1998 Hornet 600, with K&N air filter & devil cans
    dyno run was done with old fuel & old oil (bike had sat stationary for 6 months)
    got 84.7 at the back wheel. However I'm certain it's putting out more than that now it's had a tuneup. I might take it back soon.
  4. I find out in about 4 hrs. Doing a dyno run around 11 today. Just reading up on how to use my tuneboy software with a dyno i.e



    Seems I can use it to load up 2 maps, 1 for power, other for economy. I'll be using the economy one while shoulder isn't 100%. Hopefully I have some fun with today. Taking it to here http://www.speerperformance.com.au/

    People with other dyno runs have gotten from low as 95 hp to 125 hp from *cough* pain killer hazed *cough* memory
  5. Enough to scare me......
  6. no idea actually..... and as long as it's all ok i don't really mind
  7. 2006 Suzuki GSR
    Bone Stock, apart from a Powercommander.

    At 4000km, it was spitting out 92.3 HP. Bike has done almost 22,000km and should have an extra pony or three. having loosened up a bit since then.

    Dyno results - Before and after Powercommander with a dynotune.
  8. Well i dyno mine at Dynoverks. I am going to put a pc 3 on mine soon so i can gain extra hp on the rear wheel. I am aiming about 170 plus with full system for the exhaust but who knows!

    Blue 2006 R1
    Race Talyored mufflers
    BMC air filter
    15 sprcket on the front and 45 at the rear
    Braided lines
    Tuned at Balls Tunning
  9. The Spud is rated at 34 new, and mine is not new, and that is likely at the crankshaft, so I'd be surprised if it's much more than 20 at the rear wheel. Still enough to have fun with, but just about time to find something a fair bit ballsier...
  10. tend not to use sauce on the back wheel makes it a little slippery

    250 so enough for me to learn on :)
  11. shitloads.

    will post up after my visit to dynoverks.

    Of course the bus generates more torque at 3000rpm than the R1 does at peak, and we ALL KNOW that torque is what counts..... :LOL: (except my bike weighs a ton)

    HP = how fast you hit the wall
    Torque = how much of the wall you take with you when you go through it.

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p :p
  12. Sam called me, his computer is not having a good day so the dyno run is postphoned. Most likely tomorrow or Thursday I'll get to do it.
  13. I would say alot... But when i have finished with it i would like to hope it would be close the 195 mark. :twisted:

    The same mods i did to the 12 produced 180 Rwhp .. :twisted:

    Mods were, Megacycle can, K&N Filter and PC111 with custom map.
  14. 125cc 4 stroke single trials bike. 7hp when new, I'm guessing 3 of those may be missing now. More then enough power to have fun with.
  15. I get about 0.7 from the zzr :tantrum:
  16. About 10 inches, and about 4 inches in girth. Never measured it erect, however.

    Sorry...what was the question.
  17. So you have something about 10 inches, 4 inches in girth (flacid?) in YOUR rear. Hmm, whatever floats your boat. Trying to out do goatse?
  18. Apparently the ZZR is meant to give me this

    Max power 36 hp (27 kW) @ 11000 rpm, 26 hp (19 kW) @ rear wheel

    But hey is it even worth mesuring?
  19. my old 01 VFR had 203hp at the rear wheel.
  20. Depends on boredom + amount of spare $$ lying about :) I'm sure someone could make a "geek formula" using those variables.