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How much for your first service?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Motobecane51, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. hello fellow riders

    I got my new Suzuki Boulevard C50T (800 cc cruiser) and was wondering how much you guys paid for the first 1000kms servicing of that bike or similar ones?

    Is there a lot of work done during the first 1000kms servicing?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Do you have an owners manual? They usually tell you what each service involves.
  3. The 1000k service is a minor one. The oil they deliver with is a thicker oil so they replace that oil. Everything else is just checks of anything that may be loose etc. If you bought the bike from them the first service may be free, it is with some bikes and manufacturers.
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  4. image.

    They have to put freakin' lasers on its head
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  5. I did my services on the scooter and will do the 1000km service on the MT03 myself (with hubby's help) means I can learn more about my bike myself and I find it quite satisfying not paying someone else to do it ;)
  6. To not void the warranty you need to have scheduled servicing done by a qualified mechanic. I think its a good idea to get at least the first one done by the dealer.
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  7. what ever they charge is how much you pay, just ask around for quotes.
  8. I was quoted $420 by my dealer. And that include a discount because I bought the bike from them. Is that price fair?


  9. lol I pay $280 for my street triple to get a service, for your first 1k service to pay that is insane.
  10. Yes that doesn't seem a fair price. As I said the 1000k service is mainly an inspection and oil change there is no significant work to be done. Get some quotes from elsewhere.
  11. That seems a lot for an oil change and general once over.
    Are you sure that this bike doesn't need other stuff done for its first service? Check your owners/service manual for the work that needs to be done.
    Then ring the dealership back and query the price. Ask them to justify the price.
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  12. vl800.PNG
    Not much involved in the first service according to the manual, oil change and general checkup. $300 sounds fair, one would imagine its only an hours (1.5 at most) labor + oil/filter.
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  13. I check my manual also and the work involved is:

    1 engine oil
    2 oil filter
    3 final gear oil

    1 exhaust and muffler bolts
    2 Chassis bolts and nuts

    1 valve clearance
    2 throttle cable play
    3 brakes
    4 steering

    The below is the complete list as per suzuki manual. The mechanic told me that they need at 3-4 hours of work on the bike.

    Is 3-4 hours reasonable?

    I called an independent mechanic and was quoted $280 over the phone.

    Is it normal to have such a price gap between the dealer garage and an independent mechanic?

    I am not sure whether I should go to the dealer for the first servicing and elsewhere afterwards? Or should I just go to the mechanic? Thoughts?

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  14. Dealers will normally inflate the price and have their apprentice do the work...from my experience.
    3-4 hours sounds like the pace at which I work at!

    They may physically need the bike for 4 hours so its cold to perform the valve clearance (I normally leave mine overnight) however simply confirming the valves are in tolerance shouldn't take to long.

    Changing the oil is piss easy, while its draining walk around the bike tightening up the bolts and ensuring nothings fallen off.
  15. Just bought the oil & oil filter for my 1000km service - so it will cost me $70 plus about an hour of my time - not willing to pay someone nearly $300 for something I can quite competently do myself. I print of what needs to be done (with torque settings etc) and tick it off as I do it.
  16. probably valve clearances that are making it expensive
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  17. I haven't bought a new bike in 13 years, but I'm pretty sure I negotiated so that the first service was free. I wouldn't expect to pay more than $300, in fact I'd be wanting some change from $300.