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how much for new suspension???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dirtydannyd123, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Was wondering if anyone can tell me approx how much new front and back suspension will cost for an '87 Honda VT250? (fitted)

    The front has new fork oil in it (was replaced just before I bought it 4 months ago) and it's still saggy, bouncy and handles like a boat. The back is like a trampoline.
    The suspension is like 18 years old :shock: and it's just very tired.

  2. Sounds like you you might need new/stiffer springs.

    how long you got left on restrictions? might be worth saving you money for a bigger bike
  3. Having the suspension done is best left to a specialist. As for cost the sky is the limit but it is a case of diminishing returns. That is to say you get what you pay for, but the each time you double the amount you spend doesnt always double how good the suspension becomes. As insano suggested it would be an idea to consider how long you wish to keep the bike. From what you have posted it sounds like springs are sagging a bit, but at the same time a cheaper and short term fix maybe to add some more preload to em via spacers etc. If the suspension is 18 yo and hasnt been touched then they would need a good cleaning and going over. The labour alone is expensive. To just pull everything off, dismantle, clean, check and reassemble may be more than you are willing to part with (like maybe $400-$800 depending on whom is doing the work). And that is not including parts!

    To rebuild a set of forks, replace springs, some decent valves, new seals, oil, labour, etc, etc and for the rear prehaps replace rear spring if required, and to just rebuild the stock shock (if it can be done) I would not expect much change out of $1100 - $1300. Again depending on whom does the work.

    Suspension is one of the best improvenments you can make to a bike, yet is probably the one least understood. Outta sight, outta mind. Many will spend money on aftermarket exhaust but wont spend anything on the bike to be able to handle. For many people stock suspension is enough for them. Why? Coz they dont really know what a difference the bike will be if it is setup and tuned properly. If they did, heaps more people would get the suspension before the pipes. Not to mention better tyre life, comfort, braking performance and handling!!!

    Having it is one thing, knowing how to make the most out of it is something else. And I dont mean to ride flat out, but more so to set up for yourself and your circumstances. That is where a suspension specialist can really help!

  4. I was wondering the same thing... but for that much $$ extra I could sell my bike and get one that already has better suspension :(
  5. hey Tones thanks for the detailed reply mate :D

    I think I'll go round and see a suspension guy, get a quote, see what he has to say and take it from there.

    There are a couple of suspension guys recomended in passed threads. I'll check some of them out :wink:
  6. No probs at all, happy to help (if I can). Prices will vary of course from one person to the next and of course for what you wish to achieve.

  7. For the front, new springs, race tech gold valve emulators - I'd allow $600 - $700, and that's with you handing over the forks.

    Rear shocks can be rebuilt - Rad? advertises in the bike mags, in Brissie - around $150, then you may need a firmer spring.

    You'll never recoup all of this when you sell.