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How much for a zx2 ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Honda Phantom, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Im looking at buying a Kawasaki zx2, does any know how much i should be paying for one in good nick? Im looking for low km and that has been well looked after.

    Is $5000 to much ?

  2. if ur after a good one that is in good nick and low kms....i recommend u get 1 that was built in 03-04 not compliance in 04. they are going arond 6-7gz. i got a 04 model and i am more than happy with it. sounds alot better than most 250s.
  3. I paid $6k for my 2003 ZXR250 C model and I also paid $6k for my first ZX2R again it was a C model (1991 build date, 2000 Compliance date)

    Very happy with both
  4. lol their production seased in 1996... though some have been imported in 04-05 from Europe and hance they have an NEW compliance plate making them look like they were built in 03

    Any how... I have seen them go for as little as $3500 and as much as $7900... they are a "desarable" bike and makes them more expensive...
  5. Mine was a '92 build and complianced in '02 was in immaculate condition and was bought private for $3800 was sold recently for $6200!!