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how much for a 2003 cb900 hornet.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. a collegue of mine is selling his 2003 cb900 hornet.

    his initial asking price was non-negotiable ...

    told him i was very interested but not at that price.

    the bike has hardly been ridden by him but when ridden it is mostly highway miles. he is the 2nd owner.

    it has: 9-odd thousand kilometres, comes with a ventura rack, bag, rear-stand, windshield. a service(10k?) is coming up and that will be included as well.

    the bike looks in excellent condition(needs a bit of a clean) and runs smoothly(test rode it today:)).

    will be checking the receipts/service history shortly.

    my BIG question is what price should i be looking at? i'm sure he will NOT go any lower than that...

    fyi: redbook quotes(national average-private sale): $8100- $9600 for cb900 hornet.

    and yes, i've had a look at what people are asking on sites such as bikepoint,bikesales,tradingpost.

    thanks in advance...
  2. What colour is it?
    $8k would be a good price.
    A bad bike at a cheap price leaves a bad taste in your mouth, much longer than a good bike with an expensive price.
    Great choise of bike, though!
    Daz. :wink:

  3. colour is silver(can't recall what honda's technical term for it is).

    $8,7,6....... yeah, a reasonable price will suffice!
  4. According to Red Book
    "Trade in price guide* $5,500 - $6,600
    National average price - private sale* $7,900 - $9,400
    Price when new (RRP) $14,290"

    Looks ok to me with those extras if it comes with RWC
  5. well, i believe you are correct! i'm not too sure how i came to quote the previous redbook prices unless it fluctuates on a wkly basis...

    anyhoo, concerning rwc. um, rego is until march next yr...
  6. you're arguing with a mate over a matter of a few hundred dollars. its a reasonable price for the mileage.
  7. If you can scrounge up a couple of thousand more, a brand newie is still just $11,990 on the road :grin:
  8. yes, and i have been close to doing that. very appealing price but there are not too many left on the show room floor here in sydney.

    besides this potential purchase kind of just fell on my lap, so to speak.

    originally i was going to buy(a bike) NEW but why take the deprieciation hit when somebody already has done it for you?
  9. I absolutely agree, especially as this device has some tasty extras as well, like the windshield and the ventura.

    Lots of luck with the purchase, mate....
  10. don't believe i said i was arguing with him! i really haven't given him a solid offer, as yet. he's a collegue and not a mate of mine, distinct difference.

    a few hundred dollars is a very big deal, IMHO.

    here a few pics:




  11. I paid $8250 for a 2002 model with 23000k on the clock.

    $9000 is a fair price. If you get it cheaper, well done, but you'd still be getting a lot of bike for your money.

    Great bikes, they are. Don't worry about the discoloured downpipes and slightly corroded triple clamps, all Hornets do that and they'll scrub up to looking like new if you can be bothered putting in some elbow grease.
  12. Mate i paid 8300 for a 02 with 16 thou on it..To fix the headers just use wet dry sandpaper and some autosol..works a treat..
  13. cheers 'Loz', 'dr650'.

    on initial inspection of this particular bike the headers were of some concern but after some research, and as you suggest, a good clean will make it look schmick:)
  14. Just takes forever :LOL:
  15. yeah, well i believe that. that's half the fun of owning a bike, really!
  16. 8 hours 45 mins to be exact
  17. Only to look like sh1t, the second you go through a puddle.
    My baseball mitts of hands just don't fit in and around my headers to polish them!