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how much flogging can a bike take?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. i am thinking of keeping my cbr250rr grey import for a while longer, i even bought a fairing kit for it....
    45,000km on the dial, about 15000km done by me assuming the first no. is accurate, 8 previous owners, was listed as a repairable writeoff, yet still going strong. This includes riding to 4 track days sitting at 14k - 18k rpm plus & riding home , also includes a 100kmh lowside, lots of stoppies, some burnouts, some rolling, some wheelies (until i relized what a waste of time that was) & plenty of general flogging
    ofcourse i maintain this bike regulary by myself & through workshops which i get to do the major service.

    Basically i am astonished that nothing has broken down yet & it has not gone boom!

    Since getting my 600, its basically become a fun little trackie & twisties bike, i am just wondering how much life is left in it? should i sell it before it breaks & stop investing in it?

    i would also love to hear other peoples stories of bikes they have flogged & still keep ticking
  2. How long is a piece of string?

    I used to ride a postie bike. It had to be flogged everywhere just to keep up with the speed limit. I never changed the oil in two and a half years, and it just went and went.

    If your bike blows (some would say it does ;) ) the engine, then just chuck another one in it, if you like it enough. I'm sure the wreckers have lots of crashed ones.
  3. I beg your pardon. Did you say wheelies are a waste of time?

    It's a 250, sure, but never, EVER will i hear a word against wheelies, be it on a 250 or a 1250!

    Now, apologize to the gods of hooning.

    As far as the life of it, if it's 45000 original km's you probably have anothering 45000 ATLEAST

    if it's been around the clock, well, it's just got a "proven track record" then.
  4. We use to get a few colours in for new tyres on their bikes.
    They use to think it was funny to do doughnuts and blow out the rear.
    One lunched his beloved HD. Not sure what went but it punched a hole in the lower left casing and his foot slipped in the oil.
    Now you want to piss yourself. First a colour then a harley and both on the ground.
    I ran for my helmet ha ha. Funny stuff and the fact we could not laugh made it so much funnier.
  5. Shoulda laughed
  6. Outlaws doing stupid stuff is always funny.

    @ the OP - Who knows? Some machines can take a beating for ever and just never die. Others go boom with no warning or provocation. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Many things seem to run their absolute best just before they sh1t themselves. Some things rattle and smoke and run like hairy mountain goats, and just keep doing that for decades without ever actually breaking. Others die in spectacular explosions when nothing seemed to be wrong. I remember a GS850G that went something like 130,000 k without an oil change. The goop in the engine cases was like tar, but the damn thing just wouldn't die.

    Is it worth pouring any money into? Well, how much do you like it?
  7. If your talking about a honda then it'll go forever.

    As for the HD windowing the block, well... I saw a buell XB9R flogging it on the old road, he was going hard. He did huge wheelie reving the crap out of it on limiter. When he came back past it was popping its head off, sounds like he bent a valve.

    When I sold my daytona 675 it had 40,000km on it. 35,000 were my km. It had 4-5 track days on it, 8-10 drag meets on it, stacks of burnouts and wheelies and easily 20,000km of solid hard twisty riding up in the revs.

    I always serviced it and maintained it and it was like brand new when i sold it. Nothing ever broke except a temp sender.

    My advice (for hondas atleast dont know about other makes) is to put a manual cam chain tensioner in it and check the adjustment every 6 months or so. My firestorm has 60,000km and it goes fine, but its got some cam chain noise. The tensioners should sort it out as it has done for other high km hondas I've owned over the years.
  8. Manual tensioners are great, as long as you know how to use them and adjust them properly, and you remember to do it. Most people are a 'no' on both counts, which is why automatic tensioners are the norm.
  9. Think the 2010 R1's go through their chain tensioners pretty quick too.
    And I think you can buy better than oem ones for most makes.
    They have limiters on them to protect the motor. They can take a fair bit of flogging if you give them just a little love...a basic service often.
    When you raise those limiters they don't last that long in the top end.
  10. Trick #1 is find out from a mechanic with experience on that make and model, what the expected service life on the camchain is.
    Trick #2 is change the chain AND tensioner @ 80% of the above figure.

    Actually, let's make those tricks # 2 and 3. Trick #1 is always change the oil on time, keep the level up just under full and change the oil filter every time you change the oil. Don't buy thousand dollar oil and expect it to last a million km, buy good-enough conventional oil, and change it at or before the recommended interval.
  11. the cbr250rr has gear driven cams
  12. Seems as its a weekend toy, One main issue would be how well you keep the cooling system, If its working 100% all the time and it doesnt over heat, It should go for a long way more, As long as you keep the oil changes ect up well
  13. I think i'll apologize by buying a set of heavy duty EBC clutch plates/springs & a bigger sprocket set, maybe even a bit of time on the dyno as the bottom end is horrible, otherwise might be worthwhile getting a DRZ400SM, atleast i will get better suspension & the riding style looks abit more interesting

    correct you are sir

    i change the filters, oil, fork oil, fluids, clutch plates, chain & sprockets & other items misc items myself. engine oil is semi synthetic & is changed every 3.5k.

    more complex tasks that require specialist tools / equipment i get a reputable shop to do.

    would love to develop some motard / moto gymkhana / wheelies / stoppies skills but not take it to extremes i.e. high speeds

    so i guess the question is keep the cibee or get a newer motard?