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How much does your helmet weigh?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. So I was picking up some oil and a filter today, and started looking at some helmets.

    Tried on the Shark Evoline 2 as I really was looking into this helmet. And it just felt very heavy. Came home and weighed the Arai Corsair and it weighs 1.5 it's.

    How much does your helmet weigh?

  2. Not very much - ask Takamii for a more precise answer
  3. I wore a Shark RSR2 for a few weeks that my friend lent me when I first started to ride and noticed how heavy it was after I bought myself a Suomy Vandal.

    My Suomy Vandal is lighter than the Arai Corsair at 1.486 kg.

    The specs on an XL Suomy Vandal XL helmet weighs in at only 1486 grams (3 lbs., 4-3/8 oz).

    Mine is a medium, so maybe a few grams less?
  4. RHOK helmets are 1300 grams +/- 50 grams fully loaded with visor chin curtain and breath guard and ear pads installed

    that is also using our standard shell size ( we only have one shell size )

    they could be 990 grams but would not pass the penetration test of dot and as1698 ( as ece 22.05 doesnt have it )
  5. I have the HJC IS-16 and weighs in at 1.65kg I believe.
  6. Shoei XR1100, which is 1.45kg according to specs, though I add on a camera which would be 1-200 grams.
  7. I weighed an XR1100 that belongs to a friend it was actually 1.75

    1.45 might be the ece 22.05 spec one
  8. Fair enough, it's the only model helmet I've owned, so not much to compare to.
  9. My Shark vision R (XS) =1.58kg.