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How much does plastic welding cost?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by zoot, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    How much does it cost? I need a 10cm crack on a fairing fixed, what sort of approx price am I looking at ? Doesn't really need repainting, just teh welding

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It would take less than 30min, even factoring in getting the tools out & packing them away. It would have to be less than $50... but thats a wild guess.
  3. get a small flame torch and a bag of cable ties as your welding material
    the technique is similar to brazing

    heat the plastic and melt the cable ties into the pool
    practice on sthg inconspicuous first
  4. Me I wouldn't be using cable ties as a first choice. With plastic welding if the 2 plastic's are to different they will not bond properly. Most plastic welders will get plastic from a simular source eg if they are welding headlight case then they go to a wrecker and get a heap of brocken lights and use an anglegrinder to cut strips.

    For a fairing I am not sure on the type of plastic they use but you could always (if you wanted to try it yourself) go to a bike wrecker and see if they have any broken fairings there, that way you can use it to practice on and once you are confident then cut it into strips and do the job yourself. Instead of a flame torch use a heat gun, flames have a bad habit of getting blown around and can blister the paintwork while the heat guns are more focused and seem to do a cleaner job.

    I know they charge $50 to $80 to fix and paint a 5 to 7cm crack in my wifes commandors bumper not to long ago.
  5. where are ziongardens!? Their website seems to be minimilist.
  6. yeah more info would be great :grin:
  7. He is in parklea & works from home. Sounds OK but not so close to me.
  8. Guy need to brush up on his spelling! doesnt instill a whole lot of confidence if is website is riddled with typo's...

    Still gonna call him tho :wink:
  9. I fixed my front fender with a soldering iron and black zip ties, is holding up great so far.

    I cut a cross hatch type pattern across the crack, made a bit of a trench down the crack and filled it by melting zip ties into it. Same principals as welding apply, make sure the original material is warm / melted as you blend the joiner in. The zip tie plastic seemed to blend well, and is a bit 'springy' and doesnt feel likely to crack when done.
  10. Sounds good 265...might have to try that next time.
  11. cable ties are generally nylon where as bikes are mostly ABS,PP or composites which is normally written on the back...if not its a test by the smell when it melts,the way it melts (eg PP turns shiny or waxy and pools and dulls off when it turns solid)I havent seen nylon used in years as its generally heavy (across/old GSXR belly pans are nylon from memory) I wouldnt test the cable ties method....especially if theres two colours,fine line masking to be done and expensive decals only to find when you bolt it up it cracks and your back to square one