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How much does it effect my bike if its left out in the rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tim^, May 24, 2007.

  1. how much is my bike going to suffer if it sits in the weather for a day or 10?

    Edit: VTR250

  2. what bike you got?

    shouldn't be a problem...as long as the water doesn't get into the electricals and whatnot. just be sure to wash it proper after it's been in the rain. clean and relube the chain... that's what i do, anyway.
  3. Not at all, if you stick a cover on it. And probably not much at all (note the "probably") if you don't.
    I ride in the rain all the time, but I try not to park in it.
  4. Usually if you leave it in the rain for a few days, check your air filter (especially if its paper) re-oil any foam ones, thats about it really, all the electronics should be a mostly sealed circuit. It will probably be hard to start the first time after if a bit of moisture gets in the air intake, but it won't kill the bike.
  5. Also give the forks a once over with a paper towel every now and then to prevent rust building up on them. It pits the forks, rather hard to notice without taking a close look.

    That’s what happened to me, punctured my fork seal. Big job for no reason.
  6. Tarps are cheap and effective. Just remember not to throw them on the bike when the exhaust is still warm :oops:
  7. Also be aware that in stormy and windy conditions a tarp will (even with the stretchy thingies) flap and rub against the paintwork.

    I made the mistake of leaving my Sprint ST at jodie's place a few years back for a week under a tarp and the lower fairings were scuffed so bad they had to be resprayed (and yes this was a bike specific tarp).
  8. My bike lives outside, and it's never complained about the rain. It's 27 years old.
    The only time I've ever had a problem with water was when I hosed it down and wasn't careful enough to avoid the spark plugs.
  9. It will shrink, be berry berry careful young grasshopper.

  10. My view is that the rain shouldn't hurt it at all, unless it's crappily put together and things like instruments, etc. leak.

    The worst source of damage is the sun.
  11. Nothing.. Ever :) vtr2fiddys are invincible :grin: but then again i'm biased :wink: I try to never park or ride in the rain. And when i do i clean, polish, chain lube etc etc as soon as get home. Imagine how pedantic i'll be wid my next bike :shock:
  12. It's a Honda so the paint will run!