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How much does an RWC cost in VIC?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ball_bag001, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. I am from ACT and I am considering a CBR600F (1999) in VIC. The seller doesn't have a current RWC although the bike is currently registered. For peace of mind I would like an RWC carried out and I think he wants me to cover it.

  2. $60-$70 should cover it depending where u go. and then add $$$ if anything needs to be fixed. under vic roads rules (or something along those lines) i've been told the bike has to b at the dealer for atleast 2hrs.
  3. +1 $60 for the cert give or take. but if things need to be fixed/replaced like wheels, tyres, brakes etc it will be more.

  4. For peace of mind I'd suggest you check it out yourself, or get someone who knows about bikes to do it. A roadworthy just means it passes the minimum specs.
    Some places are quite picky (great when you're not paying for the roadworthy) while other places let all kinds of bare minimum shit slip by.
  5. cost me 1400 all up, haha :p
  6. I know in VIC if you want to transfer registration between one person to another, a RWC is a legal requirement.

    I'd assume its the same for registration also.
  7. vic reg wont be worth anything to you as you'll have to reregister it. you'll need the roadworthy done, most likely in act. so i hope the selling price is cheap enough to offset this.
  8. I've found that if you take it in and say that you're selling it and need an RWC they'll be very picky coz it's not going back into your hands and if they don't do the job properly it'll go back on them... well that was with my cars anyway
  9. +1 RWC has nothing to do with critical things like the condition of the engine and cluth/gearbox, you want an inspection from someone who has a clue.
  10. I know the guys who work with me are extremely picky and will not let any thing slide.
    I also charge 88 dollars for a RWC.
    Subject to any other work that is needed.
  11. Peter Stevens workshop charges $50.
  12. I got a quote from Brighton Kawasaki on Tuesday. A roadworthy certificate costs $70 plus any parts and labour required to get the bike roadworthy.
  13. You'd be far better off getting an independant mechanical inspection done. A rwc will only tell you basic crap, such as if the tyres have enough tread, enough pad material left, and all electrics working. All things you can check yourself IMO.

    The current owner will be able to cash in the remainder of the rego, so factor that into the price, as well as you needing to pay a full years rego.

    Don't bother with a rwc, only if you haven't seen the bike yourself.
  14. rwc can be expensive. i just had to do tyres, chain, sprockets, brake pads, bar ends and still didnt get rwc. I still have to get a stock muffler and f&r indicators.
  15. I got RWC done in the cbd at spot on motorcycles for $120
    Took 20 minutes.
    Thats how much it costs to get it done on the spot in the CBD around the $100 mark.
    This is under the consideration there is nothing needed to be done on the bike.

    Funnily enough, the guy didn't pick out the broken dash light on the speedo.

    But nontheless at the time i needed the rwc done quick so I could transfer the rego over.
  16. Bit late guys.
  17. 4 years, thats gotta be some sort of record.