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how much do you think i can get for my bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Well its time for me to upgrade but im unsure how much to sell it for. I checked the redbook and its got $8,400 - $9,900 kinda a little low. How much would you pay for this:

    2003 YZF-R6 (LTD flame colours) - 16,000kms
    oil change every 5000 - BMC Air Filter - Yoshi Pipes


  2. :eek:

    I'll just drool for a while, don't mind me.

    That's a beautiful-looking bike.
  3. there's the same model with 29K, 10 months rego and yoshi pipes on oroads for $9800 if that's any help...
  4. trading post all 2003 same as yours 36000k $11,000. silver one 10000k $11,000. black one 6000k $11,000.
    so i guess somewhere around $11,000
  5. thanks guys - yeah im thinking around the $10,500 - $11,000. I know its a colour people like.... well i thought it was hot when i bought it. Shame they didnt carry it on.

    sonja if you want you can buy it and drool as much as you want :]

    The dealers said they'd buy it for $8k and that was pushing it. I told them to get f'd.
  6. What are you looking to upgrade too?
    You may get a easy 10K for it
  7. except all of those blokes (or girls) are clueless as a brand new 2006 rossi edition is $12,000 in stores.

    mmmmm three year old model with 36,000km or brand new for 1k more, tough decision :p
  8. Slyfox is that the run out model or the all new r6?
  9. I would but for a few things:

    I want to do some long-distance riding
    I have a bad back and would prefer the sports-tourer riding position
    I'm still restricted.

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  10. ahhh, i stand corrected, it's the 2005, cbr600 and daytona 2005 are also 12k new in store.
  11. is that ride away?
    i was thinking about getting an 05 GSXR 750 - but they dont look as nice as the yammies or the hondas.

    Actually the R6 riding position doesnt have a real agressive riding position. Although the ride back from lorne to melbourne gave me a real sore ass
  12. don't know if it's ride away, you'd have to contact the shops and ask.

    re. the new gsxr750 i think it looks supurb, and it's meant to handle bloody well too. what else are you considering upgrading to?

    pasted from another forum:

    2003 R1 with 29,000 on the clock.

    Just had a major service.. bike fastidously maintained..

    Pilot powers

    Yoshi Exhaust

    Rego about 10 months

  13. Red book is always a bit mean, particuly on older bikes. I'm not sure how they come up with it, but I think they might use car devaluation rates or something.

    Then again most vehicles in the trading post don't sell anywhere near the price asked.

    It's only the best value ones of any model that sell and even then after a reduced offer.

    So look for the range of private sales in the tradingpost, bikesales and bikespoint and set it somewhere near there. Then be prepared to negotiate. That way you'll get a quick sale.
  14. I have just relisted our 04 R6 on ebay with a starting bid of $10500. 12000km and in as-new condition still. We didn't get any nibbles or questions at $11000.

    Generally it's not a good time of year to be selling road bikes. If you could hold off till the end of winter you will probably find it easier to sell and get a bit extra for it. I work in a bike shop, and the road bikes don't move much over winter, but plenty of dirt/trail and quads sell.

    I have found with Redbook prices you can generally get 1k more than what they list at.
  15. Peter Stevens has - YZF-R6 Rossi Edition Was $15,299 NOW $11,990...look under specials....so what if it is the 2005 model?? Brand new and comes with full warranty for around $2k more than what you are asking. Used bikes just getting cheaper and cheaper.
  16. I would suspect that redbook valuations are based on registrations data. A lot of buyers underdeclare sale values to save on stamp duty. This would explain why redbook figures for private sales often seem to be below market values.
  17. The GSXR750 is always something i wanted something between a 600 and 1000. They just have bad colour schemes

    Well at the moment the other bikes also up for consideration is the
    * Triumph Speed Triple - looks fantastic and rides well
    * 06 R6 - also looks great but only thing is its really a bike to be ridden on the track but then again defenitely a head turner.
    * 2nd hand R1 always wanted one of these
  18. Yeah I was starting to think that too. A freind of mine just had a bike writtin off and had to argue with asessor to get the minimum real market value for it, because they base their asessment on the red-book value.

    Tthis certainly explains why so many bikes are written off, with seemingly minimal damage.

    So the lesson is, go for agreeded value if you have comprehensive insurance.