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How much discount on 2016 Honda Grom?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Petrus, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. I'm thinking about buying the 2016 Honda Grom and BikeBiz has them on there website for $3999 ride away. I spoke to the sales rep and he reckons only $4 off... That's the same line they gave me when I bought the Daytona but eventually got $1000 off... But this is in the lower price range so not sure how much I can get off. do you think $3800 is too much to expect?

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    3999 is the introductory price, before price goes up to "normal" price
    the worst they can do is tell you to f#k off

    you can get a 2015 model for $3800 from Aussiegrom
  3. They won't discount this much at this point.
  4. Thanks yeah I didn't think I'll be able to get much off. What about first free service? You reckon thats possible? Never asked for free service before
  5. Time to ask then I reckon!
  6. Yup, you don't ask, you don't get.
  7. I would never negotiate for servicing. Why? Because you just give them an incentive not to do it or at least cut corners, use a cheaper shitty oil, perhaps on a first service not replace it at all, use cheap filter or again not replace it.
    Negotiate for things like cash, a discount on riding gear etc
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  8. You have to factor in these things are priced at $3000USD plus on roads in the states so our price right now is inclusive of on road costs and about the same after exchange rates.

    You have to factor in that in that price ~$300 is on road costs and ~$300 is GST. They then have to pay tax and overheads on anything they make and you can see there probably isn't a massive profit margin on cheaper bikes.

    As others have said the $3999 is supposed to be a promotional price till the end of July. After that it's pegged to go up but I don't think Honda have said what it's going up to yet.

    Obviously you can ask for further discounts, but I wouldn't expect to get very far.
  9. I doubt there would be much profit in $3999 for the dealer. ask for $500 off and see what you get but expect resistance as it is a promotional offer. if you intend going back to that same dealer for servicing etc in the future try to remain friends in the negotiation as a quick win might cost you in the long run and for the sake of give or take $100 it may not be worth it.
  10. The margins on bikes like this are so small that they will promptly dismiss tyre kickers looking to buy something for peanuts.
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  11. Have seen plenty of these on the streets here, look like a blast. And many fitted with aftermarket exhausts too lol...
  12. dealer profit on a honda jazz is around $600 and they sell for a lot more
  13. See if you can get a press bike, once all the mag journos are done with them they usually sell them off cheap. Mate got a 2015 GSXR-750 press bike with 2000kms on it for 5k less and still with full factory warranty.
  14. And thrashed mercilessly from day dot .... ;)

    Still, with warranty that should be ok.
  15. Yeah they get thrashed, but it's a Honda ;)