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How much difference does the colour of leather make?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PAK, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Hello all!

    Have been looking at finally getting a leather jacket, and being in QLD, coping with the higher temps is an issue. I'd like something that's capable of wearing for as much of the year as possible before resorting to the mesh jacket (which I know isn't as good).

    I'm pretty keen on either the Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0, or the Blaster 4.0. Sonic has the removable sleeve/torso panel with mesh underneath, but is all black. The Blaster has only the ventilation zips, but comes in a few colours, of which the gunmetal is pretty appealing.

    My question is, how much difference does the colour of leather make to how hot you get riding? Am I better off with the highly ventilated black jacket, or the reduced ventilated grey one? I know it's a trade off of mesh helps while moving and colours help with heat absorbtion, but any real worl experience people may have to share would be appreciated.

  2. Not to sure about heat, but red will be faster.
  3. Dont listen to him , black will be faster than red.
    Hope this helps.
  4. I've had full leather jackets, textile jackets and just recently the joe rocket speedmaster 5.0

    The speedmaster is fantastic it has perforated leather and mesh on the inside arm all the way to the armpit. This i found to be the best form of ventilation. I can ride like that with it fully zipped and am suprised how cool it feels. Even feels cooler than my textile jacket unzipped.

    However i haven't ridden with it yet in extreme weather where it feels like your facing a giant hairdryer.
  5. There was a motorcycle vlogger in Arizona (I believe) who did a test with black leather and his white and fluro coloured leather jacket, the black was definately hotter after being left in the sun a while.

    This obviously doesn't take into account ventilation though, they were just left in the sun for a period of time and then temps taken. I'll try and find the vid tomorrow.
  6. Flouro pink with purple highlights is the coolest of all leathers. :wink:

    Honestly, you'll be amazed at how cool you'll look wearing it. :cool:

  7. That's what I like about these forums, the advice is so helpful.
  8. black leather is extremely hot in the sun if the leather sits right next to your skin, ie like black leather pants. on hot days it feels like im getting sunburnt through my leathers.

    my jacket has black leather on the back portion too, but luckily the wind forms a bubble of air between my back and the leather so its cool enough.
  9. We had a thread on this recently. Ventilation aside black will absorb heat from sunlight faster than lighter colours - but it also dissipates heat faster.

    So although white won't absorb as much heat from sunlight it also traps more of your body heat - it's basically the same as wrapping yourself in aluminium foil.
  10. You paranoid or something? :p

    I know where you can get an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, check out http://zapatopi.net/afdb/

    Pretty sure they are ADR approved so you can wear them on the bike also.
  11. I wear a full black Alpinestars vented leather jacket, and it's fine in Melbourne summer.
    <10 degrees - put in the liner (gets cold overnight where I am!)
    < 20 degrees, do up the zippered vents in the sleeves
    > 20 degrees, unzip the vents again
    > 30 degrees, soak my tee shirt in cold water before getting on the bike.

    Works like a treat, no problems.
  12. Don't listen to any of the above posts.
    For Speed, the ONLY colour to get is ..PINK :shock:
    You don't believe me, try walking into a pub with em on.
    You'll be surprised at what speeds you'll be reaching on your exit
  13. The colour and heat absorbtion is bollocks... the fact is hot will always be hot

    grab a leather jacket that you feel comfortable in.. and jus ride with the zip open.
  14. I have the joe rocket blaster 3 with the mesh arms. the ventilation certainly makes a difference but when it rains your arms get wet...
  15. If your choice is between gunmetal and black, do you really think there'll be a difference? I have a gunmetal car and it gets SO hot. Probably as hot as any black car.

    That said, if the gunmetal jacket looks cool...
  16. well then what colour is your interior ?. black i guess.
  17. Yep, colour of the paintwork doesn't really make much of a difference compared with the colour of the interior. Since black absorbs and radiates more heat it'll warm up the interior of the car much faster than a white interior.
    Of course not many cars have ever been able to pull off making a white leather interior look good.
  18. white vinyl bro... is fully sik and looks like leather..brooooo
  19. Only if you buy a can of this:
    and try to recolour the original black vinyl yourself :LOL:.
  20. this could go on for days.. did see an MX5 once that had the dulux retrim.. some parts had rubbed off for that extra cheap effect