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How much did your helmet cost?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by removed-6, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. under $200

  2. $200 - $399

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  3. $400 - $599

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  4. $600 - $799

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  1. Just wondering how much everyone values their head? :?:

  2. oh god i rmeber it so long ago... KBC VR1 inblack and grey XL fitted perfectly and dint feel like someone skull fcuking my temples and forehead.

    I liked the helmet so much i went and put a black chrome VR1 on my laybuy..
  3. There are some helmets that cost over $800 out there. How about a category for them?
  4. That is because you have so many of them.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. at what price range would you say you stop paying for better safety and start paying for comfort?
  6. I'd say anything over $600 is comfort.

    BUT that doesn't mean they're not safer as well. I'd like to get a Shoei some day, I've heard nothing but good words about them.

    Currently, I have an AGV.
  7. or brand. :roll: or poser factor...
  8. My bad :mad:

    I put in the over $800 category and didn't click 'add option', sorry :oops:
  9. There are some helmets that cost over $1000, and even some over $1200, how about a category for them too?
  10. I recon the Arai look pretty good, will be looking at an Arai or Shoei if the Arai doesn't fit my head properly.
  11. Perhaps better worded as, "At what point do you stop paying for safety and comfort, and start paying for brand name, image, and the associated sponsorship costs?"

    IMO, no helmet ever needs to cost more than about $400, given cost of materials, research, safety features, comfort features, cost of molds, and so on. Plenty of sub-$400 helmets that offer all of that. When you start paying more than $400, you're buying "brand-name" only.

    I've owned Shoei, Arai, KBC, Shark, AGV. Out of all of them the KBC offered just as many features as the more expensive brands, and protected my head just as well in my recent off at the Island, and was comfortable with tailorable optional padding inserts, and one of the best visor release/replacements mechanisms I've had the pleasure of using. The KBC VR1 cost me $340.

    I most recently bought a Shark helmet though, just to try something different. It cost me $425. Hope I never have to find out how well it'll protect my head in an accident.
  12. Yes! First person in the <$200 column... :p

    After me other one got nicked i bought the cheapest AGV model for $150.

    In all honesty i actually like it more than the last KBC Vr1 i had... only thing i miss is the double D rings, hate the clip thing on this one...
  13. Got mine half price, so it cost $200 instead of $400
  14. Cathar, you make good point. There are so many differnet brands and options within each brand that it makes it so hard to compare.
  15. Nolan N100E Flip face for $399. It's great.

    The N102E flip face has just been released and it's heaps better, still $399.

    I reckon they're the best value lid out there.
  16. First helmet was a KBC, $250. It kept hitting my damn shoulders when I was doing a head check.

    I'm gonna go pick up my Shoei today. $600. I'm sure I'll be happy with it as it feels smaller, won't hit my head when I do head checks and is the design I want. (I'm fussy about looking good, I've looked at all different helmets to see if there's anything that I would like. )
  17. How much did your helmet cost;

    Helmet (a) is an HJC and cost $399

    Helmet (b) is an LA100 and cost $3,750


    Don't laugh, without the oxy kit, I rode with one of these for quite a while. They are 100% carbon, light, bloody well made, and totally illegal.....shame that.
  18. I just tried on one of the Nolan N102E's about a week ago... definitely felt different when I put it on coz I'm not used to an open face helmet and the balance felt funny with the face flipped up... I think this would take some getting used to coming from a standard full face helmet... but I do like the blue tooth headset compartment on the side of the helmet!! :cool:

    I'm looking at getting a plain white or black helmet next (Shoei if possible) and having it custom painted by my uncle who's been doing helmets for years... if I can pick up a really good helmet at a good price then that'll be my next one!! Probably looking at paying up to $500 for the helmet and only have to pay for the cost of the paint on top of that :grin:
  19. Agree with this 100% Considering all are on the same wave length with safety etc you hit a certain point where your paying for name/ art work etc.
    Unless it makes me coffee, cooks dinner & does the dishes or bloody gold plated Im not paying more then $400
  20. which one

    AGV Ti-Tech
    AGV (older Rossi)
    Shoei XR-1000
    Arai Quantum

    the Arai is the lightest of all..(but the visor mechanism is broken)
    the AGV Ti-Tech has a good venting system, feelings big on..