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How much could it be???

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by fingers89, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hey all NR's.

    Ive got a 250 bandit, and i was wondering if anybody knew some mods i could do, how much they would cost roughly and also if needed where i can get the items to be fitted (only if it is hard, or requires a professionals touch).


  2. Disclaimer: This is not meant as a flame, just my opinion, so please don't take offence.

    If you're a new-ish rider, the best mod you can do is to yourself. Instead of trying to make your bike look cooler or go 5km/h faster, go and do some advanced riding courses.

    No amount of bling will make up for poor riding technique.
  3. If you must, get an after market muffler from ebay for a few hundred. Save the rest for an upgrade :)
  4. Its ok mate, i actually agree with you, but what sort of stuff do they teach you on these courses?? And yeah no offence taken.


  5. Sintered pads - think somewhere around 50 bucks each end, definitely makes a big improvement to braking performance compared to the stock ones (higher rotor wear though). Not that difficult to do yourself.

    Softer tyres - probably somewhere around 300 bucks for front and rear

    Other than that I'd just be making sure everything else is as good as possible , ie new air filter, fresh fork oil, fresh brake fluid etc. Trying to increase hp on a 250 is pointless, it'll always be slow compared to bigger bikes. But if you make sure the brakes/handling are doing their best you should be able to give bigger bikes a decent run on a twisty bit of road ;).
  6. Essentially, they're a step-up from your basic "this is how to ride a bike" course. More about refining your skills. The sorts of things that will help you ride smoother. Going faster is about being smooth, not just hitting WOT.

    I do agree with jd re: upgrading tyres (they still have to be suitable for the type of riding you're doing, though) and getting the most out of your brakes and suspension (without upgrading major components).