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How much compensation?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zhenjie, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. howdy,

    Today I had a stupid driver who was attempting to parallel park a huge advertisement truck hit my bike which resulted in it tipping over onto a push bike and lamp pole. The driver apparently had not 'seen' my bike and didn't even realise he hit it until security from my work approached him.

    The bike has no major damage like cracked fairings as far as I can see. But it does have a few scratches esepcially on the mirror and on the front of the fairings.

    What sort of compensation should I ask for from the advertisement company (who owe the truck that hit my bike)? The fairings dont need replacing and I cant see how the scratches can be repaired.

    This is my first time in any sort of accident or incident, so any advise would be appreciated. thanks!
  2. Do you have insurance?
  3. Abything that can't be repaired should be replaced and the advertising company that owns the vehical will have to pay for it all. If you did nothing wrong there is no reason why you should be out of pocket, and you should not have to accept a damaged bike because their employee can't drive. They will have insurance and you have a witness, so I can't see any problems. :D
  4. i agree with Seany.
    And its not a matter of screwing them, but rather a case of why should you have to have a scratched bike?
    Accidents do happen, your lucky the security guy saw it cause otherwise the guy might have done a runner.
  5. If your talking about compensation, as in a cash settlement it wont
    happen, unless they agree to do it (most likely if repairs is less than
    their excess & theyre nice enough to pay you cash.

    Your compensation will be having any damage done repaired
  6. Um, no...

    ...the other party's insurance company can't compel you to repair your bike. They'll probably try, but that'll be a feeler they'll put out to see how much you know and, thus, how far you'll let them string you along.

    In a situation like this, you take the bike to a bikeshop selling the same brand, ask nicely if they wouldn't mind knocking up a quote, which you then pass on to the other guy's insurance company along with a letter stating words to the effect of, "See the big number down the bottom of the bit of paper that says 'Repair Quote' on it; give me that much money, please, and don't be difficult about it, or I'll sue your arses."

    However, unless the OP has the other driver's license and insurance details already, this is likely to end up very convoluted and annoying. I've had to go chasing after people who've mangled my bikes three times; the first time, the matter took 11 months to resolve. The second, 15 months. The third, 13 months.
  7. Well tell him to try that line with the guys insurer & see how far he
    gets :roll:
  8. Only an idiot would say something like that, & an even bigger
    idiot to waste $$$ in legal fees for a small repair job..

    There is a much cheaper (basically free) & more logical way to
    force an insurer to cough up (provided your case is 'water tight')
  9. produce 3 quotes to the company and ask them to fix the damage .
  10. Bro, if your given a hard time gettin ya bike bike to the condition it was
    in prior to the incident, PM me & I'll give you advice on steps you can
    take to force their hand
  11. Letter of demand detailing incident accompanied by a proper quote from your dealer, with witnesses accounts, etc, forwarded to the trucking company. Wait a couple of days and ring them.....
  12. Note the bit where my post says "...words to the effect of..."

    If you're all "Please", "Excuse me" and "If it wouldn't be too much trouble" with an insurance company, they'll file you under "I" for "Ignore".
  13. In NSW, only a single quote is necessary.
  14. As is usually the case here. Insurance companies often ask for three, but if your vehical is damaged by another driver, you have the right to choose your own repairer. If you're claiming on you're own policy then the insurer may have the deciding vote. That doesn't apply in this case.

    If there's no insurance company involved, I see it as polite to get three quotes and take the cheapest. If you're not satisfied with a repairer, obviously, you can get a quote eslewhere. Also, in this case make sure the repairer knows that no insurance companies are involved. Many repairers mark up quotes to double or more for an insurance job so you can safe the paying party a fortune by letting the garage know what's happening. A lower cost means more chance of getting your cash. :D
  15. thanks for the guidance everyone. I'll be taking my bike to a dealer this weekend to get a quote.

    I dont think I'll have any troubles with advertising company. They wont dare to challenge it since I have security footage, 7 witnesses and not to mention the fact I work for a major newspaper. last thing they need is bad publicity :p
  16. sometimes you can be lucky ............ many years ago in elizabeth st melbourne .... in the bike strip .. i had a zx 10 reverced into by a 4x4 .... the owner came up to the kawasaki dealer with me and by chance they had the front fender and faring panel in stock ....he paid for them on the spot but thats the exception and just luck
  17. i dont have insurance,
    and i've had 3 accidents in the last few years where it was the other persons fault (all blonde women in the 30's).
    if they have insurance, which im sure the advertising truck would, then u need to get the claim number off them (if they r going to claim) and then u just deal with thier insurance.
    Which is fcuked up because then it takes ages to get your bike fixed, because before they will give the a cheque, u have to have it looked at by an insurance assessor. (they usually go to your mechanic of repairer and look and it and make sure the quote is fair.

    but if they dont want to claim through their insurance, then i guess u just have to come to an aggrement based an a quote or two...
  18. It shouldn't be that difficult. I had a car written off a few years ago when an idiot did a u-turn in front of my wife.

    I only had 3rd party on it so I wrote to the other guys insurance company who came and looked at it, made an assessment that it wasn't worth repairing and made me an offer (ludicrously low).

    I told them to get stuffed (politely) and sent them a photo of the car pre accident (it was an old Nissan 260C in good condition) and some copies of advertisements of similar cars for sale.

    They came back with a respectable offer and I said OK. The whole thing took about 6 weeks from the accident to when I got the cheque.

    In this case, send them a quote - they'll probably want to have their assessor look at it to make sure you're genuine (and not trying to fiddle pre-accident damage as well). The whole thing shouldn't take too long at all.

  19. Jeez, they did a good deed by writing it off then! :LOL: :p :LOL:
  20. It was a bloody good car. :LOL:

    I was working for the Japanese at the Coal to Oil plant in Morwell at the time and Nissan used to send a japenese factory mechanic down every month to service all the Nissans that the company owned. They extended the deal to staff as well (free) He freaked completely when he saw that one :LOL: - did a good job on it though but I think he'd never serviced a car more than 3 years old before...