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How much are you willing to suffer for your riding art?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Valvoline, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. So I was looking through my old bike photos to try and find a picture of one particular piece of luggage which I was going to recommend to a friend, when I came across a particular photo... this photo is of my leg after pretty much every ride of my old SV650 before I was able to spend the $$ to get all the mods I needed for me to reach the handlebars and touch the ground without having to slide half off the seat at every stop!. Riding was so addictive that I was willing to hammer my leg with side-stand and foot rest hickies and suffer the bruising consequences... just. to. have. one. more. ride!

    So, I was curious to see what people are willing to do, go through to "suffer" to get on a particular bike or ride? What do people find acceptable to endure to ride a bike that they wouldn't put up with in other circumstances? What's the craziest thing you've done, just to get a ride in? :rolleyes::D

    IMG_4264.JPG IMG_4262.JPG
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  2. My ulna has worn through the tfcc and into my lunate bone. Even riding 7 minutes to work I suffer. Wouldn't give it up though.
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  3. Not exactly what you asked but sometimes you have no choice. I rode back from Echuca to Melbourne with three cracked ribs. One of the worst rides of my life. I got to the outskirts of Melbourne stopped at a friends and begged for a bed for the night.
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  4. Took (and failed) my first bike test with the after effects of concussion, a cracked rib and a neck injury which I can still feel 26 years later. Made shoulder checks a barrel of laughs, I can tell you :D. I don't think the examiner was too impressed with the big dent in me lid or the fact that significant parts of my bike were held together with gaffer tape either :D.
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  5. Several near hi-sides where my manly bits got up close and personal with the tank in a not so gentle way with half a dozen laps to go. Turned part African-American. No, I don't have pics.

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  6. I eat at Hogs Breath cafe every time I go on an Oxley trip with the boys and stay in Port Macquarie.... If that's not suffering, I don't know what is.
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  7. I don't know. My whole family has been restricted to 2 minute noodles for the past 6 weeks cause their dad got too fat to fit in his race-suit and had to buy a new one on the spot at ASBK.

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  8. Got half of Bunnings installed in my right leg / left arm. Have space in the left leg / right arm for the other half of Bunnings... ;)
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  9. Being Vegan and joining you :D
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  10. Lucky you didn't get the hardware from Masters! ;)

    I once flipped a bike <.< >.>
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  11. exceptionally well done it was too :)
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  12. I hear hardware from Masters is going cheap these days. Not sure if I actually want a matching set though...
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  13. Wow ValvolineValvoline those bruises are something else. :nailbiting: It's my helmet that causes me grief. I'm pretty sure I've damaged cartilage in my right ear. I kept waiting for the helmet to 'break in' but by the time it happened the damage was done and it still causes me pain. So I ride with a hoody on to help ease it over the ear (I know....very mature). :ninja:
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  14. Stop shopping at Bunnings then.....;)
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  15. My first long ride was pretty painful on the old back. Was completely worth it though and won't stop me doing it again.

    Oh and I second the Hogs breath remark, I'm just glad I didn't go for the mega sundae option.
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  16. THAT sounds just a tad bit grindingly painful! :eek:

    Why did you have cracked ribs?

    You people are either inspirational to commitment or just plan nuts....

    Can't say (THANKFULLY) I've ever done that, or will ever have that particular experience to look forward to! :oldman::rolleyes:

    :wtf::sneaky: You-re fired!

    You WIN buggalugs. Or shall we call you the bionic man? :|]

    Now that is suffering ... :hilarious:

    :blackeye::smug: you're wearing this with pride!

    From this short survey - it certainly goes to show... You're all mad troopers for a good cause!! LOL
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  17. I have a large and perpetual green bruise on the back of my right hand from putting my bike on the centre stand with bizarre regularity recently. I mean it's not to ride strictly speaking, but surely that must count? :)
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  18. Umm, my stupid fault. The bike was fully loaded with camping gear, sleeping bag etc so a bit unwieldy. I was on my way to a mates property outside Echuca and was about half a klick from his property when I started down a dirt road that disintegrated in to downhill on fine wet greasy clay. I was singing this mantra to myself, "Don't touch the front brake, Don't touch the front brake" - I touched the front brake :(
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  19. the term 'balletic sprightliness' comes to mind

    I ride a fatboy
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  20. Suffering? You loooove it!

    Got a phone call from my brother last night. He rode his newly restored Katana to Newcastle to meet up with some classic motorcycle club members and then rode home. He told me he popped enough drugs to kill a horse yet his arms and shoulders and neck were still sore from riding the bike. Again I volunteered to take the bike off his hands, no charge ;)
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