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How many were irresponsible today & did the right thing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Such a great spring Saturday morning in Melbourne today. Forecast looks good, 23C & no rain. I'm usually already @ work by now, but this morning I thought I'd be 'irresponsible' and just close up shop for the day. :shock:
    Have decided to put my priorities right and spend the day riding/practicing
    Just waiting for the bank to open, ( gotta bank the weekly takings) the I'm OFF like a bride's nightie on the wedding night.
    Was looking to head to the spur, but may head toward cockatoo instead.
    Anyone else have their priorities right this morning ? :LOL:
    So .. I've gotta ask, how many of you have done the 'irresponsible' thing and have either closed your place of business or called in sick just to spend the day riding?
    Do you feel guilty afterward ? :p

  2. Predicted 27 for Sydney/Wollongong today, and while I have no responsibilities to duck (except the obligatory visit with the mother-in-law,) I shall be spending a fair bit of the day riding. I went up to the Pie Shop yesterday in my winter gear, and by the time I came home I was a pool of sweat; time to retire the MotoDry and the Black Ice gloves, I think :LOL:.
  3. WoW 27C :shock:
    Enjoy the day Paul !

    A sign of better days to come \:D/
  4. yes - will be terrorising the bitumen around yea/healesville/whittlesea/kinglake areas.
  5. Well I am about to head out, seeing as Coff's weather today is the usual for this time of year. Get out earlyish :p A few laps off waterfall way. Then Back home before the arvo storms come in and crack a few cans, with a few leg openers for Nadeen as well!
    :twisted: :LOL:
  6. if it was me vinnie, i would close the shop during the week on the nice sunny days if i knew the weekend would wet/bad weather, and then work all weekend....probably keep a few customers happy too :LOL:
  7. I'll be in the garage sulking, whilst trying to fix my broken bike...
  8. I finish work at 1pm so I'll be heading out for a ride with a mate shortly thereafter.... too nice a day not to
  9. as nice as the weather is here im gonna head round to a mates for a bit, then just go for a nice cruise round yarra glen area i think...
  10. marketing assignments FFS !!!
  11. Its currently 31 in Sydney.. I got up early did the old road, then bobbin head , voted and now back home rushing to get ready for a wedding.
    Fantastic morning!
  12. well i just got back from a fantastic (be it short tho) ride with the missus on the back. we went down to the pier at Mornington for breakfast (recommend "The Rocks" restraunt right on the water for anyone who cares), then down the peninsula along the waterside, and back.

    all in all, fantastic weather to be riding. fantastic roads, and there's no greater feeling than hooting along a favorite road, grinning like an idiot, and stopping to see your pillion grinning as well!

    pity i cant be out there all day, got other things on :(

    enjoy the day Vinnie.
  13. :LOL: You hoon !

    Enjoy mate !! ( the aftermath of the leg-opener too ) :p

    I wish I could stewy :cry: Some clients just wouldn't understand :evil:

    Just think of the rewards mate :wink:
    I agree! a wonderful day

    Nice area for a ride !

    :shock: Thta's gotta suck ! :evil:

    At least you got your priorities right and rode first :p

    Sounds like a great way to spend some time with the significant other.
    I can't wait til I'm legally permitted to do similar mate. 16 days and counting!

    I Just got back around 2:00. Spotted quite a few other riders, many in groups, got the usual nods, waves etc ..
    A little windy at some spots, with some debris on the roads, and even OIL .. luckily there was a sign "Oil on Road" , so I was prepared for it.
    Was working on my cornering lines. I have a long way to go before I can ignore my SR's, which almost had me come undone on one corner. ( was so bumpy..almost corrugated.. I hit the brake .. bike stood up and went wide :roll:

    At Gembrook, I stopped for a while to have a drink/smoke when I noticed one rider in a group of others ride past.
    He turned his head & gave a wave .. was wondering if it was a NR who may have recognised me or the bike.

    Headed to Launching Place, many bikes making a stop around there. Some headed toward Warbuton.

    All in all, I enjoyed the ride. Even those strong winds couln't wipe my smile away :grin:
  14. fcuk the assignment....am off to st. kilda beach with some beer :|
  15. Pq1rpV7S.
    One won't hurt
  16. Wow stunning weather....went out for a ride around lunchtime, had a fantastic time. I'll be looking into more comfortable summer wear, my DriRider pants were so uncomfortable today.
  17. Today was ridiculously hot. I went yesterday for a ride up Macquarie Pass and to the Pie shop. It was too hot, had my visor up a bit for air and all i got was warm air :shock:

    Today was worse so i didnt ride, went to the beach to check out the ladies and go for a swim :grin: Refreshing.
  18. So this is what it's like to ride in Spring. Absolutely fantastic!!!

    I was up early and on my first solo ride to Batemans Bay. Being the first decent day of warmer weather, I did the legal limit for most of the ride, don't really want to tempt fate or the police. Must practice MOST test and get my P's.

    Having never been down the Clyde before, I was blessed by light to no traffic. The way down went by with no problems, man some of those hair pins are tight. Naturally, when I get to the bay, nearly every plate I see is from the ACT :p

    After a quick bite to eat and a visit to the facilities, I was raring to go back up the Clyde. Apart from the obligatory trailer towing car, it was not as smooth as the way down. Misread some corners and had a few times where I was a little too close for comfort to the centre line, but no oncoming traffic made it a little less stressful.

    Gave and recieved a lot of nods and hand waves to and from the Bay from fellow riders. Where as the cagers were ready to cut in too close when over taking :mad:

    I was swimming in my over pants, bought some Dri Rider Rallcross Pro pants, I hope they work better in the warmer weather.
  19. took wednesday off from work...called in sick, which i was. but clearly i felt much better by the arvo :p ended up going to the spur for a few hours which was brilliant! not another car in sight. weekday riding is the best, spose i'll have to take a few more sickies :p

    had a nice long day today as well coz it was just so beautiful outside. couple of mates and i headed out to kinglake/black spur/reefton. 350km's later n im knackered. it was really hot too! feels like summer
  20. Alas, still no bike to ride on the road. :(