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How many VFR Owners at Netrider??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. I'm always fascinated to read the profiles.

    I learnt very early that not all that's written there is factual, but I am really interested in what sort of bikes we all ride.

    So, since I'm a VFR owner, how many others are represented here?

    And, for that matter, how many VTR owners, ZXR owners, etc??

    Yes, I know I could get this by working through the listing, but......

  2. 1 VFR owner is one too many ,
  3. Spot of jealousy there, helina, or perhaps spite? Were you rejected by a VFR owner, perhaps? Come along, lie down here on the couch and tell uncle hornet all about it, you know you'll feel better when you have!
  4. i'm so confused right now, i dont know what the go is :shock:

    i sold my thundercat to get a GSXR1000 project that never happened, then bought a GSXR1100 and a ZXR750 to play with while my licence was gone. got the 11 looking nice and cleaned it up then discovered 2nd gear was buggered so i sold that and bought an old GSXR750 to ride until i can afford another ZXR750 because the one i have is gunna be too much trouble to get on the road. i think thats the plan anyways, ask me tomorrow and i'll have changed my mind again :shock: :LOL:

    but no VFRs, sorry....
  5. That's OK, 'nuts, you're forgiven.
  6. Not a VFR owner, but did have my mechanics loan VFR for a few days. Not the finest example of a VFR, but good example of how gaffa tape can hold panels on, as well as a 600ml Mt Franklin water bottle making a good radiator coolant reservoir
  7. Gnarly, dude
  8. hardcore macgyver style :LOL:

    (for the record - VTR250)
  9. Nahh, have a VF, that was bad enough, nothing personel against the VFR just have found overtime, there mostly riden by complete pratts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Currently I have 2 registered in the shed, a '95 VFR 750 & a '93 NC30 (VFR400R).
  11. You have a fine talent for sweeping generalisation there helina, I can see why you haven't nominated what bike(s) you have just in case others have similar opinions. Never mind, I guess.........
  12. :LOL:

    Let me guess, that's mick's old VFR750 from PB & M in Moorabbin? I rode that just recently while my VFR800 was in for a major service. Amazing, truly amazing that that thing still feels strong even if stopping takes some planning :LOL: . 160,000kms and still going! While I was there he added a bit more tape, just to be sure :D .

    So anyway, yep another VFR owner here. It's RED 8) .
  13. Welll I have a Concourse, a GT 750 kwaka, a vf 750, and a xv 750

    and well , I'm not as touchy to some peoples thoughts as othere :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Newver a truer (speeling :wink: ) said.

    Cheers 8)
  15. Dazza has a list somewhere of every one and there bike .
    its reasonable updated , but lists the owner and type .
    pm him for the name of the thread .

    do you really expect people to answer that question :LOL:
  16. Just ask the admins, I am sure they could pull a list together quite easy. Maybe ask Jason about putting something together. it would be nice info about the type of bikes that are on this forum, you will get a few people that have multiple bikes but that wouldn't matter.
  17. If you are interested here is the list. If you want to reincarnate it :shock: I am more than happy to get it up again :D . I sort of dropped it as the admins put the ability for you to have a ya bike in the info panal.


    Just bump it and it WILL get plenty of hits. Was always a popular thread

    Cheers 8)