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How many times have you binned it and how?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DarthVader, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. me, 3 times

    2 at intersections turning right, front wheel dropped out, once on a white line, the other in small patch of gravel

    1 in a sugar cane field - front wheel sank into the sand and sent me flying head over heels.
  2. twice..

    once in an empty car park practicing tight u-turns - realised I wasnt going to make it, put foot down, front wheel stopped at the kerb and just layed it down gently

    another in a car park - I walked off without checking the side-stand properly and the bike fell over... almost caught it too :?

    no damage either time, so no big deal
  3. Four times

    1. Going round a sweeping left hand bend in a new estate where lots of dump trucks had been travelling and had compounded dirt in to the road, it had just rained and the road was shiny and I knew how to ride to the conditions(NOT!). Bang front wheel gone bike sliding in to the gutter(not pretty) head sliding along the ground.

    2. Practising wheel stands in the car park at work at 2 am in the morning, forgot I was on my KLR250 and not my treadlie, the front came up too quick and I pulled on the front brake instead of pushing on the rear brake. So I put my feet out the back and tried to run and catch it. No such luck whacked my shins in to the rear guard lost my balance and let go of the bike. Must have looked piss funny on the security cameras at work :LOL: . no one said anything about the huge divets the footpeg made in the tarmac though....

    3. Forgot to put the disc lock reminder on my wifes cb250 and took off to do a u-turn. I was sittin on my arse quicker than you could say NICE ONE D**KHEAD! And that was the one and only time I have used a disc lock.

    4. Flying up Mountain highway (Mt. Dandenong) on my TRX850. Thinking I was hot stuff, got to a tight right hander, was going in way too hot and made the fatal(very nearly) mistake of looking where I DIDN'T WANT TOO GO and want carrering past the point of no return down off the edge of the road. The trixie and I got some air, collected a small shrub I nearly pulled it up but was heading for a big rock so I had to bin it. The bike missed the rock but I head butted it(owweee). Busted fairing, busted front guard, busted helmet, busted ego and it took me half an hour just to get the bloody thing back up the embankment. Thanks to the guy who helped me get it past the impossible final half a metre though.

    Lessons taught, Lessons learnt.
  4. Once,on my 1st bike the little GPoX,was dropping a U-bolt out front of Dorset Pub just after the SOBs had painted new arrows(paint was about an inch thick) soon as the front tyre touched the arrow on a slight angle,it dropped me,rather hard considering i was only doing 5-10clicks! Stuffed my knee for 6 months,couldnt kneel down or anything. :( Still have probs with the knee 9 years later :evil: A big thanks to the bloke in the ute who saw it and came bolting over through traffic to help me out!What a champion he was! :p 8) Lucky it was 100metres from my house so it was easy to get home again,had to walk back down to clean up the 1000 odd pieces the fairing had smashed into though. :( Unlike the majority of imbeciles(cagers :roll: ) these days,i believe in cleaning up the mess you make on roads after an accident. :idea:
  5. Mmmm....twice worth mentioning.

    1st. Coming out of roundabout, got on gas back stepped out then grip launching me over the handlebars. Result: Ambo ride and 1 broken collarbone.

    2nd. Going into roundabout. Road a little damp. Touched front brake and before I knew it Wham! On my side, bike and rider sliding down the hill, thru roundabout into gutter on the other side. Result: Ambo ride, overnight stay in hospital, 1 very broken ankle(5 pieces) and 2 cracked vertebrae.

    Ive had more offs on my dirtbike than I care to remember.
  6. Shit mate,they're nasty! :eek: I had heaps on the dirty as well,but way too many to list!lol! :p
  7. Me once.
    My beautiful Hyabusa lost its front footing at walking pace in the rain in Brunswick Street on a tram line.

    Was idling past kn0b head who was stopped in traffic and didnt know which lane he wanted to be in.

    I dropped a foot and no matter how much strength I could muster I couldnt stop the fairings from touching the concrete.

    Mr Fantastic, the insurance assesor, must have had a mate in the black market parts trade, cause he replaced $3600 worth of fairings, cans, foot pegs, handle bar ends.

    Sh1t he even replaced the front fairing around the light 'cause it had a scratch on it ( I am sure that was a grasshopper, but he insisted )

    Lessons learnt.
  8. Evil friggin insurance companies! :evil: Thats real harsh Rick :( although im surrprised that even you couldnt hold up the Busa! :p They're even heavier than i thought! :p
  9. 1. My Driveway - leaving

    2. My Driveway - arriving

    3. My Driveway - leaving

    4. A friend's driveway - very wet soggy grass and road bikes don't mix very well.... hmmmm

    5. Mt Baw Baw, tryin to do a U turn on the dirt - another hmmm I guess.....
  10. 3 for me:

    1. doing almost zero kliks on a sand track on a Honda 500/4.

    2. showing off in the backyard on an XT250 and ran onto the cloths line.

    3. Reefton, was looking at the bike behind me, trying to give him a line through, missed the corner, braked to hard on the rear and kissed the road. Wrote off my bike, dented my ego, and walked away with only a bruised bum.
  11. only 1 time to mention.

    me on a bmw600 - her in a mercedes,
    both of us wanting the middle lane of a 3 lane highway.
  12. Twice while moving, twice while stationary.


    First time in the wet, misjudged a right turn and the front wheel came out from under me.

    Speeding down Grange Rd in Toorak, didn't notice the roundabout until it was nearly on top of me, broke too quickly and lost traction in both wheels.


    Servo. Standard oops-theres-some-oil-there drop.

    Parked on the footpath on St Kilda Road doing a delivery. I'm on the phone to dispatch, about to head out to my bike...
    "yeah yeah.... Oh shit! I'll call you back. My bike just blew over!"
  13. Touch wood...came off once on my second ride doing a right hand bend to hard and looked at the bank instead of looking into the bend. Braked hard which stood the bike up and did an Evil Kneivel straight into the bank.

    Just wished that had of been on video....would have been a good laugh to look back on. :roll: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Haven't joined your club yet (hepfully never will), but twice almost!!

    1. Prick with the UTE jumped in front of me on to Gladstone rd. from side street, froze when he saw me. Managed to brake and escape him by some strange manouvre that I was never able to reproduce again!!

    2. Roundabout in Dandenong, right hand turn, forgot that Virago is not sports bike, leaned over too much, foot peg touched tar. managed to stay on the bike. Police looking from the other side of roundabout!!

    Strange, I can see most of the falls happen with front wheel skidding. I'm always worried about the rear one!!!
  15. That's not an almost, that's just normal for any cruiser.
    In fact if you don't scrape the pegs on a cruiser you are not riding it properly.

    As for me.
    one big one on the black spur when i was on the spud. Looked in my mirrors for a friend then looked up to see there was a sharp left, did what every novice almost does and hit the front brake, bike went into a ditch and I was left looking at it from the top. We dug it out along with a potato, hence the name "spud"

  16. That's not an almost, that's just normal for any cruiser.
    In fact if you don't scrape the pegs on a cruiser you are not riding it properly.

    R u serious? :shock:
  17. Once and I haven't even got on the road yet.

    Riding a mates dirt bike in a wet grassy paddock rather nervously. He decides running at me waving his arms would be good for a laugh.
    I try to swerve and drop it (and myself) in a large puddle. He laughs his arse off until he realises he's now got an engine full of muddy water :LOL:
  18. Nice place to park the bike smee :p :LOL: :LOL:
  19. 1st - 2nd week after getting the City Sleeker and the front wheel got caught on the wet tram tracks whilst trying to avoid a car coming to my lane.

    2nd - Lost the postie bike on dirt hear Hungerford. Can't remember what happened!!! Relying on the people to fill in the blanks for me. Good news was I got back on it 3 days later and continued the trip.
  20. Just the once for me as well, 5 days after picking up the GPX from the bike shop.

    Coming down Grange Road in Glenhuntly, 25-30km/hr, guy in front in a white VW polo, hit brakes hard, came to stop cause he wasn't looking at the guy in front of him turning, didn't have enough experience under my belt to stop, oncoming cars on the right, parked car on left and VW in front, bike down under parked car, me on front sliding into oncoming traffic and the asshole didn't even look back, just left. Sidewalk was good for swearing (and thankyou to the lady in her front garden for being the only one who helped), glass of water on the petrol on the road, stood bike up and rode home (in tears) to get an i told you it was dangerous from mum, and some sympathy from nick.