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How many test rides did you do before your 'upgrade' bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. So the ZZR is all good and fine - but I want more 'ooomph' at the lights and sometimes I think it'd be nice to have a bigger frame and not look like the gorilla in mariokart. So I'm slowly looking around - money isnt unlimited so I'm looking at around the $10k mark, this puts some new bikes firmly out of reach, others *nearly* do-able so falling in love would probably help me to increase my budget a bit - but it'd have to be RIGHT.

    So far I'm torn. I love the look of sport bikes so had thought that ZX6, CBR600RR, R6, Daytona 675 were valid choices - but I sat on a Daytona the other day briefly and had a 'moment of clarity'. I'd be insane to buy something that even sitting on for 30 seconds I could tell my back and arms would hate. What do I want a sport bike for anyway? I'm pretty much exclusively a peak hour commuter and although I sometimes detour on the way home and have a bit of a blat on some decent roads, its really only an afterthought to my main purpose which is filtering through the traffic in the morning and cruising home comfortably at the end of the day.

    Taking my new found sensible head into consideration I test-rode a FZ6 thinking it still looked OK (not as sexy as a proper sport bike - but not too shabby).. and I was blown away by how underwhelmed I was! It was DULL. Yes it went quickly and the engine had plenty of power for me - but it was like a motorbike with ALL the fun engineered out of it. No screaming exhaust, no flipping around side to side in the corners... just... calm efficient sensiblness.

    So now I'm back to thinking perhaps I COULD live with a sport bike - after all if the FZ6 is the alternative I might as well get a Hyundai Getz, stay dry and be done with it. - Not part of my plan at all!!

    Looking around I see a few posibilities but I wonder if dealerships are gonna get really iritated by me if I just seem indecisive:

    CBR600RR - a bit pricey - but may be the most comfy of the 600 sports
    VFR800 - again pricey - but perhaps a good compromise between fun & practical? Dont seem to be many around though?

    ZX6 - Cheaper than the honda and looks fantastic - but could I ride it without being hospitalised with back pain?...
    ER6 - Cheapest option of all - but would it be too sensible like the FZ6?
    GSX-F Monster bazooka exhaust that'd need to go - and once again might be playing into the dull-side of sport touring bikes....

    Ultimately I want to find a bike I *love*. I dont really want to settle for a "this'll do" decision as changing bikes is HARD - any expenditure of this nature is heavily scrutinized by the domestic commitee and I dont want to have get approval for an upgrade again in a years time when I realise I'm not satisfied....

    Is it unreasonable to test ride 6 or 7 different bikes before deciding what i want (and then however many it takes to find the one of the right price/vintage/condition to make me open my wallet?).

    If it is unreasonable - how can I make these decisions?!
  2. you don't reckon a fz6 it's flickable, i think it's probably the rider, my flat mate has one and i have ridden it a couple of times sure it's no supersport but push on those bars harder, and it will certainly flick from side to side, want something with more personality maybe try a sv650/sv1000 :twisted: or even a super moto style, now they are fun in tight traffic, guess it depends where you consider the fun factor is on a motorcycle, imo 600 i4 fun spot are located around gears 3, 4, 5, 6 and having the throttle hard against the stop, each to their own i guess

    Ride as many as you can until you are riding one that says this is it :)
  3. Keep in mind, there are many many stories of people saying they have jumped on hire/test bikes etc and hated them untill they adapted to the new body position , ie, using legs to hold on more, etc.

    Give it some time, and remember you can always buy rearsets, clipons, etc.

    By the way, rofl @ the mariokart reference :p
  4. I rode heaps of em. You should put an F4i on your list, as well as a hornet 900. And definately a street triple, they're sensational. Ride an ER6 too, you might be a twin fan and I found those to be great fun.

    Be aware, too, that a bike might not speak to you for any number of reasons - perhaps it's the wrong bike, but also maybe it's got a rooted chain, shit tyres, suspension settings are wrong, the exhaust is stock. So much about a bike's behaviour can be changed. For all I know you might not have flogged the FZ6 to redline either - which is where those engines live if you want to get the most out of them. You wouldn't be the first twin/single rider to 'not get' an inline 4, they're a very different riding experience.
  5. I know I always drop this in as a suggestion and you guys are probably sick of it, but a large single-cylinder dirtbike (eg DR-Z400) is an absolute hoot around town. Nice high position and good tractable power, I reckon its pretty good.

    Honda are also doing their CB900 for 10k at the moment. I reckon that'd be a cheap and comfortable way to get a whole stack of good, usable power under you if you want to buy new. Now if only I had a full licence...and the money... :oops:

    Cheers - boingk
  6. The FZ6 has a bit of a rep for needing the tits revved off it to do much - narrower and pointier power curve than most bikes in that naked segment. I'd second the suggestions to have a look at the SV650 and the Hornet 900. The Firestorm (VTR1000F) would also be worth a look as a semi-sporty but not balltearing alternative with lots of low-down grunt for around town.

    The Hornet 9 is a massive amount of bike for the money, though.
  7. I tried
    2003 R6
    1999 CBR600F
    2007 CBR600RR
    2007 KLE500 (Wasn’t interested in Buying but had a ride anyway)
    2005 CBR600RR
    2005 R6

    I note that there is no R6 on your list there…
    I’d give one a go (In fact I did… twice)
  8. About 50. :oops:
    The sales reps are well sick of me now. Most of 'em just slip out the back when they see me come in. :LOL:

    But seriously, as Loz says it can take months to get to grips with a new bike, so snap judgements are not always accurate. I once bought a Kwaka GPZ750 because on the test ride I loved the engine, but a year later I was still struggling with the handling and it wasn't the bike, it was me.

    Took me a full two years to get to grips with my Speed Triple (but I did!), and current bike is still getting even better after a year. The secret is to get something that you're comfortable with, but that still offers more to explore after the first six months. Hard trick.
  9. A few years, dozens of rides on other bikes and I haven't upgraded yet. :oops:
  10. I'm 6'4'' so can relate to the mariokart reference. I had a sporty and testrode:

    fz6 - hated it
    street triple - loved it but too aggressive seating position for my back
    XJR 1300 for sh!ts and giggles but loved it so started looking at these style of bikes
    settled on GSX 1400.
  11. VFR800Fi - try and find a 98-01 model - last of the gear driven cam bikes. The 00 & 01 have full-on EFI (no choke/fast idle lever) and they are a great compromise between - well, everything!

    You can commute, tour & fang on them, and they are pretty-well bullet-proof. You can pick one up for between 7-9k and they're a lot of bike for the money!

    Not that I'm biased or anything! I'm 6'5" and find mine very comfortable for anything!
  12. i've riden a CBR600 and i found them a bit uncomfortable (like your forced into a race position)
    im a fan of the ER-6 bit more power in the lower revs but not like a full sportsbike in the high revs

    and on dealers getting annoyed... F*%$ EM your spend 10K or your hard earned cash you wanna make the right choice if they start treating you badly go elsewhere
  13. I am similar to titus. Before i decided on my last purchase i test rode about 25 bikes, i'm sure the stores hate me. It did give me a good view from all sides. Ride bikes you normally wouldn't consider, you might get a big surprise.

    For me the biggest surprise was the suzuki GSX1400. I absolutely loved it and for the price it's fantastic value.

    The Firestorms are great (having owned one) but the brakes are to weak.

    The more bikes you ride, the more you will begin to learn what it is you are looking for.
  14. 900 Hornet all the way - fantastic bike - and damn cheap. I got one of the last brand new ones for around your budget - brand new.

    Great bike for cruising, touring, blatting through the hills and even not too bad in the commute as it's not a ball tearing screamer with a 50,000rpm redline.

    Definitely try to get a test-ride on one - with aftermarket pipes - they sound wild.

  15. I rode one for a week while my bike was in the shop. 2 things I would change if I owned one:

    2:change the bars for something a little lower and a few inches wider.