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how many riders are Gold Coasters?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DC-autosport, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. im just curious if any gold coasters would consider going on group rides every month or so? how many of us are there? anyone know of decent roads to ride? I know of the Nerang to Springbrook to Murwillimbah treck, but that is about it

  2. Heeb St, Benowa 4217 here :)

    I'd gladly come cruising.
  3. There's the occasional Brissie gathering too......I've been meaning to go along to one of them....
  4. +1 mate local riding will be good once i get teh vfr paid in full. You really should consider coming riding north on sunday.

    Once i get everything sorted with insurance lawyers god and a new bike i am up for random blats around the mountains. :wink:

    We should start a netrider chapter here on the Gold coast as well.
  5. a gold coast chapter would be good, unfortunatly i won't be able to accompany you guys on the brissy ride this time, but next time will definatly be there
  6. another one here as well in Labrador who wouldn't mind joining a group ride. My work is flexible so mid week is also ok with me :grin:
  7. mid week madness... it woul dbe nice once i get a full time ride!