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How Many questions can you get wrong on the rider Knowledge?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mik84, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. was just wondering how many questions you can get wrong on the rider knowledge test for your L's. Only did it a couple of months ago and i cant even remember.

    Reason is me mate just called me and i thought he said he failed cause he got 3 wrong. I was under the impression it was 4 or even 6, my memory is very unreliable though.

    If someone could clear that up for me it would be great, thanks.

  2. Just did it today, 31/32 :)

  3. Do you know how many you can get wrong out of the 32 and still pass though?
  4. Did mine three weeks ago. From memory you can get four wrong.
    Just tell your mate to book a time to go back and do it again. It is not a big drama.

    (and congratulations Greg!)
  5. in Victoria you can get six wrong (inclusive) and pass , you get 7 and you fail
  6. thanks for the info. Yeah hes doin it again tomorrow. he might have been confused about how many he did got wrong.
  7. Down here, you have 35 questions, and I think 3 or 4 MUST be answered correctly, otherwise you can get 4 wrong, or something.
    I got 35 outta 35.
    And it's really homo down here, they ask questions to do with car learners licences, like what you have to do as of March '02 in order to drive or some shit. I guessed that, I got my learners years ago.
  8. in qld, to get your l's (if you hold a car licence) you are asked 5 questions, you can get 1 wrong. No pract test. To get unrestricted license, no written tests just a prac test.
  9. Ya I heard that about the QLD learner test. I had a client down here in Vic whom was going to do her Licence test and she had never even sat on a bike. She had a current Vic bike learners permit but had never ridden. She got her LP in QLD then moved down here and Vicroads of course converted it to a vic LP. Scarey thought for learners to learn things like how to stop out on the roads...hmmmmm

    In answer to the question as already mentioned is you are allowed to get no more than 6 incorrect answers out of 32 questions. Just for your own info there are only 3 different versions of the written learner test here in Victoria. Most providers only have 2 as one is being re-written and may not have been released to all providers as yet. Bad news is if you fail teh tester is not allowed to tell you which questions you got wrong. But do the test more than twice on any day and you will get the same test on teh third try. Best thing to do is pass the first time :)

  10. yes, but now its changed. u can't get any wrong. that's right, u have to get 5/5. there's also a booking fee to take a written test. something like $16.

    a few people have been caught by surprise when they rock up to do the test, have to pay $16 and then get a 4/5 fail. lol
  11. Hahaha...sounds like the system has been revamped.