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How many pussies does it take to use a tazer 13 times

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Oct 5, 2010.

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  2. what a bunch of wankers

    i hope they are all dismissed

    damn, pussies about sums it up
  3. The worrying thing about these situations is the power trip you hear in the officers voices. Theres always a very animalistic "do as we say or we'll hurt you" undertone.
  4. {off topic} I *like* pussies. I do not like brutal WA cops. Better to find a better term. {/off topic}
  5. A tazer is meant to be for self defence - which I have no objection against

    I do however object to it being used as a a tool to force compliance - this to me is akin to torture
  6. Absolutely. It is becoming the new wrap across the face with a truncheon.
  7. Clearly the police forces don't have the attitude that it should be used in lieu of a gun not in lieu of traditional restraining techniques.

    It is also clear that the mental and moral calibre of the cops making it through the recruiting process is not of a reasonable standard given the responsibility placed upon them.
  8. further I put it to the public that officers of this ilk - ( not all Officers as there are some very good people in the force ) are both cowards and bullies
  9. This is the problem that the majority of unintelligent wackjobs do not understand about tazers; they are a deadly weapon and need to be treated as such.

    It is not any stroke of mere coincidence that Police officers are generally at the lower end of the intelligence scale. It's not uncommon to hear that some types of police officer display characteristics of persons who are not socially adept and have suffered abnormal situations in their past; making them control/authority/superiority complex freaks.

    They are not a tool for ensuring compliance, they should be used in the same way their pistols are, with the caveat that they be used prior to pistols if the situation allows for it.
  10. Supporting evidence or GTFO

    You're right, they are pussies. What happened to the good 'ol days of a baton to the face? Cops are getting their work handed to them.
    Sorry, i have no pitty for criminals. I have been the victum of far to many drunken Louts in the city, to pity this one.
  11. I have no pity for the drunk - I am anti alcohol and as an ex bouncer there is nothing I dislike more than a drunk lout except for a peadophile or a thief

    However I do really like my neighbours and my fellow Australians and I really want to ensure that you have a free lifestyle and existence without opression - these incidents of abuse of power slowly but surely socially engineer into a fascists state -- dont believe me -- look at history -- or live it again

    I do understand self defence for police - no problem at all - not the easiset job and they do put themselves at risk

    However putting some offenders life at risk to purely make them comply is not acceptable

    if 8 officers are unable to subdue and restrain the main without resorting to using a cattle prod I believe that they should re-evaluate their positions and choice of career
  12. The problem is that there is not the same level of accountability for deploying a tazer as there is for discharging a weapon:
    If you got those f**kers to have to fill out the paperwork everytime they use that mobile heart-attack device, they'd think twice about it.
    Right now, using a tazer means no paperwork, no marks, no evidence of use. Nothing!
    I'll be honest and say that I cheered so f*cking hard when THIS happened:
    Cop tasers Father, causing him to have a heart attack (familiar, huh?) - Son launches into the air to grab the cop - "flying headbutt" - Cop now a vegetable

    If someone was doing that my dad, I would have done the same thing.....and my dad's a cop!
  13. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=8156219&page=1

    Live & Learn - This is where we're going:
    Tasers make it easy for cops to keep their hands clean and not break a sweat.
    If they're worried about their safety and don't want to 'put themselves in danger', they should have studied harder in school and become f**king accountants - The only danger there is papercuts (hurts like a B1TCH though!) hehehe
  14. Have you met any cops?
  15. My ex house mate was one -- a ex victorian one -- gave me the truth of what happens behind the scenes in the "boys club" where they look after their own first

    neighbor down the street is a retired federal cop - used to be PM Bill Mcmahons personally bosdy guard - he too told me the same truths about what happens behind the blue line
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    While i agree with self defence regardless of whether the attacker is a police officer or not, i can't see in the video whether the old man was the one that got tazered or it was the other son?

    Video -

    Clearly with all facts weighed the two brothers were not charged with anything (there actions were classed as defensive), and the cops were found to have used far to much force.

    It annoyed me to read about the follow up protest... i certainly hope that none of the protesters are ever in a position where they need to defend themselves from an officer....

    Thanks for the link, i wasn't aware of this case. The only two that i knew of from Aus that i considered really good examples of tazer abuse were the guy that was tazered in the back in Sydney, and the 16yo girl that was tazered in Queensland (both cases were ruled as fair by police, even after review of the tazer cam - thank god for third party footage though!).
  17. I thought the ratio had long been established? Three mounted troopers per criminal whether that be a swagman, jolly or otherwise, or a wild colonial boy.
  18. Police Union president Russell Armstrong said the nine officers surrounding the unarmed man at the East Perth Watch House did nothing wrong.

    Mr Armstrong said WA Police policy on Taser use should be changed to allow them to be used to make people comply with an officer's orders.

    "We have asked continually for the Commissioner to change his policy to make it compliance," he said.

    "He hasn't done it but I think it's time for the Commissioner to review his policy and change to the word compliance.

    "There has been an increase (in Taser use) because we are dealing with violent people in our society, now we should get that straight.

    "Not all people out there do what the police officers say, they are affected by alcohol and drugs and sometimes you have to use Tasers."

    Mr Armstrong lashed out at the CCC for investigating the matter and releasing footage of the East Perth incident two years on. He said the organisation was trying to imply police were racist by releasing the statistic showing a jump in the proportion of Taser cases involving Aboriginal people.

    "They are an organisation that is in the throes of scrutiny, they are trying to justify their position," he said.

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  20. two different scenarios Will

    8 cops and a drunk guy in a station

    a melee in front of a pub numerous officers and numerous aggressive guys obviously not that drunk as they seem to be able to stand on their feet okay

    As I said - used in self defence fine but the guy in the police station - if at one time the 4 police who had hold of him were unable to control him then what does that say about them as police officers

    side note -- are you aware there is a material that is lightweight and flexible that can be sewn into clothing that will nullify the effects of a tazer

    I gotta get me some of that stuff

    I noticed the female officer spent a lot of time hiding behind the male police officers and stepping backwards