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how many points left on your licence? i got 1 left!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by livingstonest, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. anybody here who's lost their licence? how many points you got left?

    i commute between sydney and newcastle every week so that's 2 trips/week.
    heading north on the freeway yesteday(10pm) in my car going 120km/h +alittle more at some points but generally 120km/h.

    then i see a single bike light work its way up through the cars and sits behind me. so here i am going at 120 with bike behind me. i think in my head "why hasn't this guy overtaken?" since he's been working he's way up through the cars. Then i think oh my cars an integra with those 4 bright tail lights so its easy to follow. cause i like to follow cars with bright tail-lights at night, makes it easy to follow the road. also i like to follow cars going 120 on the freeway as it sets a good pace, not too fast, not too slow. and Yes, i am a moron.

    anyway here we are going 120 little over at times and little under. then i get a sneaking suspicion that it is a cop so i slow down to 110 and start going constant. when the bike doesnt overtake i start getting really suspicious and so slow down even more to 100 now on a 110 limit freeway. after going at 100 for about a minute then sure enough he's lights go on, its a copper.....great, cop follows me for over 10minutes to see if i was gonna go any faster.

    when he gets my licence he seemed really annoyed that he got me for 124km/h and not 15km/h and over. saying that i was really lucky that the cop with the radar didn't get me, saying that he saw me slow down specifically for the speed camera. and yeah that's how long he followed me for. i mean honestly, if speeding at 124 on the freeway is so dangerous why didn't he stop me when i was going 124? instead of following me for over 10minutes to see if i would go faster? and finally booking me when i slowed down to a "dangerous" 100km/h? police are now targeting sport cars....i've had nuffin but trouble since i got the integra....cops stick to it like flies to shit. i was a bigger hoon back when i had the camry and never had any problems

    anyway now im sad not cause i got 1 point left but cause i've dismissed any upgrade from my cb250 now for at least 2 yrs till i get more points back. and i'm thinking of riding it less and not going on any group rides. :(

    i got booked for 15km/h and under fair enough i'm an idiot......i just don't like the manner in which it was done!

    thanks for listening to my long winge guys...... :)
  2. I hope you apologised to the poor policeman for putting him such a dangerous situation, where he was forced to tailgate you at a superdooper dangerous speed of 120kph. Surely his life was in danger! After all, every k over is a killer, so he was 20 times more likely to die while pursuing you! Bless those boys... lucky for all of us, he was able to dish out a steaming hot bowl of justice.

  3. Dear Doctor Livingstone

    Since you only have 1 point left, how many did you have to start with? What you are not telling us is that you have lost the other points for other offences, is this not so?

    While I'm happy to listen to a whinge about police entrappment, etc, really, this problem is just the last of a series, and I suspect that you haven't learned from them.

    The speed limit on the F3 has been 110 since it was built, and if you do more than 110, whether or not other people around you are doing more, then you are playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded.......
  4. I know how you feel dude, cops in viccie used to do that to me all the time...
    Too often do i see people dragging etc and the cops just sit and wait until they can ping em at max speed.... Yes, maybe if they were doing it/going to they deserve it but i thought the police were there to make things safer. If the cops can, why not pull em over straight away instead of waiting for people to lose control an take out a bystander??

    Makes me :evil:, especially when ive seen cops speeding on numerous occasions and reported to the station manager only for nothing to happpen... On all occasions they have said, "Oh that car was going to an assault/emergency" Then when i ask why the car didnt have sirens on and stopped at traffic lights when there was nothing stopping them proceeding or the like, i have been ejected from the station. Think old Ned Kelly had it right about the viccie police. As for NSW, ive never had a drama with em in 2 years up here...
  5. You crack me up Dan! :D
  6. Dan, leave off your campaign hat for just a moment and address the issue. Whether 110 or 1100 is safe or not on the F3, 110 is the legal limit, and if you exceed it, you run the risk of getting booked.
    t's not about whether the limit is fair or not, it's about about Buford T Justice's "complete contempt for the law". If you drive/ride with contempt for the law, the law will eventually respond.

    Changing the law is a completely different issue, but even if civil disobedience has changed OTHER laws, everyone speeding because it's a bad law is just going to result in more fines, and probably a response of LOWERING the speed limit, not raising it.
  7. fair enough hornet.....i'm no angel. early last yr i lost 8 points speeding 30km/h-45km/h during a double demerit period. it was 3am in the morning, 3 lanes no cars, first time i've been booked. now that i'm ashamed about. so your right, i haven't learnt since this is the second time.....
  8. And as for points left, ive got six now... Ive had six fines in the last 3 years... All speed cameras, 4 for 53 in a 50 zone and 2 for 54, so with 2k radar error thats four for 1k over and two for 2ks over, fcuking ridiculous victorian bullshit... So ive payed over 700 in fines for being a total of 10kmh over the limit...

    Did i mention i hate victorian police yet? Cause i hate victorian police :p
  9. Well, matey, you'll just have to tippy-toe around for the next two years, and be a good boy, 'cos you can't beat the system, I'm afraid.

    I wasn't trying to be a smarty or beat up on you, incidentally, but if you can learn something from this, you must, because I suspect your job depends on your mobility?

    Maybe you might be able to change from the Integra to a less attractive car, too, and MAYBE with a bit of change-over money, get a better bike anyway??? Who knows, stranger things have happened!
  10. Personally I don't think demerit points should be issued for small amounts over.
    It goes against what I believe to be the point of the points system.

    discouraging people from accidently traveling a couple of k's over is a bit righteous.

    Maybe points should only apply for speeds >10k over.
  11. I only have my L's so yea....
  12. Livingstonest:

    Maybe you should just ride your CB250....
    No chance of getting a speeding ticket on that! ;)

  13. Totally agreed. Both the driver and the policeman were clearly going too fast :LOL: I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for people who get booked, they know the rules and should play by them. I have never advocated civil disobedience. However just because you'll get booked doesn't always make a behaviour bad. If I made it a federal offence to speak while holding a pencil, chances are you'd make sure you didn't get caught doing it - that's OK, but it's still a crap law.

    Contempt for bad laws should be encouraged - contempt in the form of discussion, debate, lobbying and voting, not civil disobedience.... but then again, did you know that it was illegal to pull down the Berlin wall? Imagine if everyone kept blindly obeying the regime and being law abiding because they were too scared of the consequences. The people will eventually bite back against a government which oppresses them. Oops, I think I just broke one of our new Anti-Terror laws, inciting rebellion against the government... darn
  14. THAT'S just adding insult to injury, mate!!!! n :LOL:
  15. no things are definitely cool hornet.....i always respect your comments bud

    i really got no complaints about getting myself booked. like i said, i'm a moron. no issues there. 25yr olds gotta grow up sometime and i think now's it. it was more the manner it was done in. i think mik84 said it right.

    and tippie toe i will.....soft as a mouse.....
  16. livingstone - this is pedantic I know, but you haven't got 1 point left, you've got 11 DE-merit points against your driving record. Everyone starts with 0 points and when you accumulate 12 within any 3 year period, you can lose your licence.

    Anyway - I think I have 4 or 6 de-marit points at the moment. 2 of them are for speed on the bike during my L plate period, 1 point for each offence as I was under 10kph in excess of the speed limit.
  17. hahahahhahaa :LOL:

    hide under your desk mate, the terror police will be busting through every door and window very shortly :LOL:
  18. he was still right tho, he has 1 point left to GET before he loses his licence :wink:
  19. I used to be continually on 10 or 11 points, for years.
    Eventually I came to the decision that points were too valuable to lose on boring stretches of road, like freeways (or Tollways), where you don't even get much of a thrill in return for your punishment. So now I just cruise those sections until I get to the interesting bits :)
    Also, why waste 'em on the cage? Cruise control can be very useful sometimes.
  20. My licy is squeaky clean !! The way I ride has been sticking to the speed limit around town (yes, granny pass me all the time!), and fang it on the mountain. Seems to work so far 8)