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how many plugs can a tyre be fitted with....?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by evelknievel75, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. before you have to buy a new one.

    i had a flat, got it plugged and she was good to go again but the tyre guy said you can only plug a tyre once then if you get a flat again you have to buy a whole new tyre...

    which scares me, this $280 bridgestone is one month old. knowing my luck i might get another screw in the tyre again.

    what are everyone's thoughts on this? only once or more than once?
  2. i wouldnt feel safe even with one plug in my tyre. maybe for a little while i save for a new one. the amount of stress bikes put on their tyres and the catastrophic nature of the result of their failure would have me saving for a newbie...

  3. When you have a plug it's always at the back of your mind.

    I actually leave screws in as they seldom come out and are usually pretty tight once in.

  4. is that where the plug goes?
  5. I'm with lobsta $280 is a small price compared to what it could cost if it was to fail. But then again, what are the chances of it failing ?
  6. I like a dirty mind, fantastic. The simple answer is when it comes to tyre pugs (and others) one is one to many.
  7. Im surprised the tyre guy did it, i thaught they aren't allowed to do it anymore same story with vulcanising and tread cutting, but you can still buy retreads :roll:
  8. They are a mushroom shaped thing and they are glued/melted to the tyre so there actually pretty safe. But hey this is just an internet forum...
  9. Safety catches are "pretty safe" as well but I won't put a pistol to my head and squeeze the trigger because the safety is on :shock:
  10. well thats one way of looking at it.
    i had one in a car tire once and never thought about it.but if it was a bike tire i'd never stop thinking about it.i would save up for a new tire dude.
  11. 1 plug is too many in my mind I would rather buy another tyre
  12. fact:
    the right plug in a car tyre fitted properly is quite safe, during the fitting a hole is drilled through the tyre that's slightly larger than the foreign object being removed. The mere fact a car tyre has a larger footprint on the road means there's ample more flexing and bending going on so the weakened area of the plug is at lower stresses than say in a bike tyre.

    leaving screws in tyres is more dangerous than having a plug fitted. As the tyre wears so does the screw, but the screw doesn't have a 2" diameter backing apron on the inside of the tyre helping to hold it in situ. The screw may also move around and promote a leak, fast or slow is entirely up to the screw, hey it may never leak ..... pick your odds and take your chances.

    one plug in a bike tyre is enough, the tyre should stay inflated long enough for you to save the cash to have it replaced. Or not.
  13. I had a plug in my rear tyre for well over a year and did plenty of riding in that time without a problem and tyre stayed inflated too coz I always checked my tyre pressure!

    If it's in the middle of the tyre, no problem :) If it's near the outside of the tyre then tyre joints won't touch em!!

    If you can afford a brand new tyre then go and buy one, but I know of a lot of people who very unluckily picked up screws shortly after buying brand new tyres :(
  14. Fitted correctly, plugs are not a problem. Not sure if I'd want to be riding on a tyre with a dozen plugs tho :shock:
  15. I punch my tradie mates every week for this issue.. how hard is it to put something over the back of your ute!! :p
  16. ask yourself this question:
    would you feel comfortable with a buttplug fitted?
    if no,then get you tire replaced...
  17. i have spent my hole life with plugs in car tyres from the places i go for work... they are fine. a correctly fitted plug is no issue. wont use them in a side wall though. i have one in my rear tyre (bike) that went in when it was one week old and its fine.. i leak check it every few weeks. its a shit tyre and im wearing it out asap so i can dump it anyway.
  18. ive had a plug in my tyre for over a year no problems.... just dont go doing rediculous speeds. Wahooo!!!!!!!!!! same thing when i got a new set of rubbers for my bike. 2 weeks in and i get a screw through it.

    BTW back in the saddle after 3 months!!
  19. realisticly if a plug did fail the tyre isn't just going to go instantly flat and cause instant death. Its going to leak, which you are bound to notice over the next 20 minutes or so. I don't think its all that 'risky'

    I have driven around for months with a plug in my tyre (car), still holds fine.