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How many people wear boots (motor bike) while riding?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mick No:8, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. I was at Peter stevens today (Melb) and saw that motorbike boots where on sale. I'm new to riding and don't know much about bike gear need/don't need, and was woundering how many people wear them while riding and how do they feel. Do one really need them, all it just up to the person?. I wore Hard Yakka work boots once, could feel my gears. I'm wearing runners at the moment. The boots I saw were Alpinestar SMX-3 boots $174 down from $423. Do they feel like runners or are they like work boots? ANy help would be great.

  2. If you crash with runners on you could seriously mess up your feet. You need your feet to walk. Therefore YES you should wear boots.

    BTW those alpinestar boots are good
  3. You really do need good foot protection. If you don't want full length motorcycle boots there are summer boots and lower cut boots that still provide proper ankle protection.

    I have a pair of BMW "Street Sneakers" $160 (2 years ago) that are properly designed protective boots that I can walk around in all day.


    There are other good brands out there as well that are just as comfortable.

    Blundstones & RM Williams type elastic sided boots don't work either - in a decent crash they can actually come off.
  4. The generally thinish soles on bike boots make for great feel but are not ideal for long walks in the park. On the plus, you will be able to walk if you crash in them (I know, done it a few times). Work boots and runners aren't designed for the crashing side of things so keep that in mind.
  5. boots are good, I got Puma branded ones which were shorter than the normals ones but still provided good ankle protection and I could walk around in them without them standing out too much
  6. i wear japanese speedway boots, i find they have the best protection :cool:
  7. Got a mate just got some Oxford ones - not too dear ($180 or something) and man are they comfy!
  8. I always wear my Sidi Vertigo boots.
  9. All of that protective gear was designed and manufactured for a very good reason.
  10. riding in runners is ok, crashing in them however is fcuked. I went for a slide in them and burnt a hole in my toe which was far more painfull than grinding my knee back to bone in 2 spots. I like to wear boots now when possible
  11. Yes, boots is good! :grin:

    I have two: for short rides I have a pair of SteelBlue workboots: steel capped and ankle protection.

    For longer rides, I have a pair of MotoDry riding boots. Very comfortable. Not so flash for walking though.
  12. Y'ouch :eek:

    So... rubber runners + high speeds + hot tarmac = burning toe
  13. I wear riding boots with shin protection. They are actually quite comfortable and don't mind walking in them all day (say at uni or where ever). I find now that since i've gotten so used to them, if i do wear runners it just feels wrong changing gears
  14. One of the things that I fear the most is dropping my bike and having it crush one of my ankles.

    Full motobike boots everytime.
  15. nobodyusesthemacadammethodandyouhavenevereverseenitordrivenonit!!!!1!1!!
    :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:

  16. Two things I really feel naked without are boots and gloves. Even more so than no jacket.

    Of course, it could just be the way I ride :D
  17. i learnt my lesson when i used to wear fluffy slippers
  18. I just bought myself a pair of Setup boots and they are quite comfortable for boots with shin protectors. Before that I only used lace up Hard Yakka boots for riding around on my dirt bike.
  19. I find barefeet is always fun. Does make shifting up an adventure though! :cool:

    But apart from riding it down the street and back to warm it enough not to stall going up my stupidly steep driveway, I always wear my $200 boots. Definitely not as much protection as the $250-400+ kind of gear, but they're real comfortable and I often find myself wearing them to work even when I'm not riding! Getting boots with fantastic protection is pointless if you're not going to be able to wear them.

    I went for a bit of a compromise, not the best thing in the world but given that they're fine 24/7 makes up for it. I've 'tested' them twice so far, luckily only a bit of scraping, but they've held up well.
  20. I must say, I have only been riding in sneakers. Mainly cause I cannot afford the boots at the moment. Draggin Cargo/Jeans was my priority and I am still waiting for them to come in. Boots will come soon after once I pay off my bills :oops:

    I would recommend boots. As everyone has said, you need your feet to get around, so protect them...

    phong =P~