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How many people use their bike for every day commuting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lee_rc8, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Just curious to see how many people use their bike everyday or just weekend riding

  2. I sold the cages a bit over a month ago, so now I ride every day.

    Not far to get to work, though.
  3. Daily commuter here - although only an 18km round trip.
  4. Yep, every day. Edgecliff/Harbord to Macquarie Park.
  5. if the sun is shining then i am riding.
  6. Yep everyday, rain, hail (NB not tested) or shine.
  7. rain, hail, shine, you name it.
  8. daily commuter no matter what the weather
    I only take the cage if I am taking my 4 year old with me
  9. The Mrs and I work in the same building in the CBD luckily, and we car pool, so at the moment my bike is a weekend warrior or at nights if I have plans seperate to her. I will ride at every possible opportunity in between and always take an unnessesarily long way home through yarra boulevard etc.

    Soon though, K will be going back to school so we will get rid of the car and she will Public Transport it to Uni and be a pillion for everything else with me. Bikeman for Hire... No probs!

    Im off restrictions in 4 weeks, so this is perfect timing. We have worked out that having just one bike, one rego, one insurance, one serving cost etc will even allow us to save with catching cabs in and around the city to home (6kms) if we ever need to or I want to hit the turps.

    so in a few weeks I will be commuting every day on the bike. My only issue will be that im always in a hurry, get a little racy and try to win the 'lane splitter of the year' title, so i will need to just take a chill pill as my risk will increase with more time on the road during peak hour twice a day. (A Saturday morning out in the middle of no where is not the Monash at 8:15am)

    my name is Dale Kerrigan and that was my story........
  10. Daily rider here.

    50km round trip in heavy traffic. It might become 120km next year if we can get some acreage. Would be a great excuse to add a ZX14 to the garage :twisted:
  11. +1. If its not raining, if its too cold for the gear I've got, if I have any other reason which may not lead me to be 100% on the bike then its the cage for me.
  12. i left my car at a friends place and havent been able to pick it up yet so for the last two weeks ive been on the bike, my commute is about 15ks round trip but its getting coooold in windsor
  13. No choice now - car kaput. ( :grin: )

    It's 4 ks ( :cry: ) But sometimes I take the long way ( :grin: )
  14. Will you be keeping the lean, Green machine?

    OP - I ride everyday to work, just over 50kms round trip and have learnt to adapt to the conditions. I think I'd go mad if I had to come off the two wheels. My car or public transport trip is twice as long and being as most of my trip is on toll roads, it would be much more expensive as I would have to pay.
  15. No I need a van, but get on the bike when I can.
  16. I ride every day, Monday to Friday (40km round trip) and general travel on the weekends. This morning was the first true test of all weather riding as even with polymer gloves on underneath my leather gloves, I lost the feeling in the tips of my fingers about 15 minutes into it. Didn't realise it was only 1 degree out when I was riding :grin:

    I do take the car whenever I need to pick up my partner from work but that is generally it. My cage is a restoration job 1959 Morris Minor 1000 so I try not to take it out all that much.
  17. Commute "99%" of the time. Only used the car twice so far this year.
  18. 60+ km round trip every day no matter how the weather is.
    I prefer to get wet in the rain rather than sitting in a cage or taking the train. If I don't really feel to ride, I'd work from home that day.
  19. used to to school every day, this year i havent been doing much, but all my commuting bar some, is done on the bike :) rain, hail or shine :)
  20. whats a car?

    150k round trip usually every day rain hail or shine (need a badge for that :) )
    But mornings like this morning too icey and too foggy I go in later not worth the risk.
    The last couple of years I have put 120,000 klms on her and still doing fine.
    But for constant riding like this you must have good gear otherwise the rain and cold just eats you up.