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How many people nod to other riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Eberbachl, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. I started riding in about 1990 or thereabouts...

    Throughout the '90s and early 2000's whenever I saw an oncoming bike, i'd give a wave or nod. That's just what you did.

    I almost always got a return nod... except for Harley riders it seemed. It was a nice thing to do... just saying g'day to a fellow rider.

    In 2005 we had kids, and sold our bikes to take a break...

    After five years off, we just picked up a couple of new bikes a few weeks ago, and since being back on the bike I've noticed only maybe 40-50% of riders nod back.


    What's going on these days? Whats happened in the last five years? I'm shocked at how many riders just look straight at you as if to say "meh... screw you" :shock:

    How many of you guys nod first, or will at least return a nod or a wave from an oncoming rider?

    I understand that if a guy's on the job and is flying around a bend with sparks coming off his footpegs he's got better things to do than wave, but I'm just talking about people cruising along mostly straight lines on suburban roads at fairly pedestrian speeds here...
  2. Boo-yah!!! lets do this =P

    I wave with my left hand first.
  3. :facepalm:

  4. I'll repeat what I said in the other 1753 nod threads - I nod to everyone including scooters... :D
  5. Boo Hoo... so the topic's come up before.

    This forum has 61,324 threads and 1,080,952 posts.

    Do you think every thread is going to be unique?


    The forum is configured to disallow a search on the term nod as it's too short, and a search for wave doesn't bring up anything useful in the first couple of result pages.
  6. I not only nod to everyone but inside my helmet there's also a rather deafening "YOOOOOOOOOOooo".

    /true story
  7. I nod all the time. I seen this one bloke a little while ago nod back so hard I'm sure he nearly scrapped his helmet on the road I was laughing so hard I almost came off
  8. Yeah i nod.
  9. yeah I give the nod ... i don't nod to cruiser style riders but that's only because 90% of them wont acknowledge sports bike riders, but everybody else, sure.

    You are right though, it seems like a lot less people are willing to give the nod these days :(
  10. ...oh look. It's the resident forum smart-arse. Yes folks, every forum has one.


    Refer to post #5...
  11. I nod but don't get too many in return. Maybe it's because I ride with a cape on.
  12. This made me lol. I get a mental image similar to the riding scenes in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. You don't carry large firearms by any chance?
  13. I think it depends on the person riding really (waiting on the 'duh' response).

    I'll give out a nod to anybody on two wheels if Im cruising, so that includes bicycles, scooters, harleys sports bikes and postmen - and I nod at cars that dont cut me off.

    Then again, if I get passed by a group of riders they only get one nod, makes me neck sore to nod to them all.
  14. I try and nod most of the time but have noticed 1/2 if not less nod back.
    No biggie each to their own.
  15. I do the same and also realise that 1/2 don't return the nod.

    I like the sideways nod some riders give back.
  16. I also like it as it's more obvious than the standard nod.
  17. [​IMG]

    Thanks for that one hornet.
  18. Fair enough tbh, it doesn't work. However, not only has there been threads on this topic, but they are a plague. put nod site:netrider.net.au/forums into google and the first 15 results are nodding threads, several active within the last six months. This thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=102974 only just died a bit ago after lasting about 8 months. Do some homework.
  19. I agree it's all been done before but most subjects have been done before.
    Which bike should I get, should I wear ear plugs, upgrade time help, braking threads, cornering threads etc etc. If we all did a search and didn't bother posting then the site will become stale and boring.
    There's the option to revive an old thread but really why care if it's been done before.
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