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How many people have had a Wii since last night?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by matt232, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Since he hasn't had much experience with all this wireless networking and broadband guff I'll be going around to a mates place tonight so he can get his 18 hour old Wii Console setup. Looks like he bought both the console and wireless router last night at the midnight Nintendo Wii launch.

    Along with the 'invitation' to come around his SMS contained a four word phrase that seemed indicate that Wii isn't too bad.

    I have to admit I was sceptical of Wii a few months ago but looks like the race for next generation games console king is between Nintendo Wii and Microsoft XBox 360. I think Sony has already lost the the fight (especially in Australia with delaying release here for 4 month compared to most of the world) and that Wii might just walk away with the crown. Wii should make up ground on XBox 360 pretty quickly being that its christmas, its cheaper (both console and games I'm lead to believe) and the wireless movement sensing controller should appeal more people and offer some very unique ways of playing and using the console. But time will tell.

    But all this will happen with someone else's cash. I've got no plans on getting a console myself all I really want to do was write the above thread title. :grin:

  2. I've got it now... just waiting for the 5:30 buzzer to go home... Can't wait.

    I've bought Zelda and Super Monkey Ball, along with an extra controller and nunchuck. I'll be honing my nunchuck skills tonight, cos chicks dig guys with skills. :cool: :p
  3. uhuh, thought so :LOL:
  4. Until i actually try to use that POS looking controller, I'll reserve judgement to "Crap" :LOL:

    Although I think there will be one, or more, at my place at some mass lan at my place december or january :?
  5. Yeah, I've got mine.

    Great little thing, lots of fun. Can't recommend it enough etc. I'm not really a gamer at all, but I've wasted an entire day shooting sword-wielding japs.

    Never since the 6th division landed at Papua has any one in my family had this much fun.
  6. One of my nephews has been raving about Wii for about a year, and running a count down until it was released. He plans to work in the games industry, when he finishes his studies.

    Games are good for improving hand-eye co-ordination, important for motorcycling. Keep it up kids. :p
  7. Dunno about last night, but I have one every morning, without fail

    There, someone had to say it. :roll:
  8. Finally!!!! What is wrong with you lot above!!!

    Anyway turns out my mate didn't have a wireless router and was inadvertently trying to steal someone else's connection. Had a play around on the console and I tell you want some of the sports games you could do yourself an injury my arm was going sore after a few games of baseball. But its good to see that even in the virtual work I suck at golf, have few and far between moments of pure tin at ten pin bowling and struggle a little at tennis. And it was a good idea not to take up boxing.

    I was hoping to check out the sword game but also my mates finances didn't stretch that far.

    All in all its a bit of fun.
  9. What do you mean finally???

    I wrote this at 6:01 last night, only 48 minutes after your original post :?:

  10. Matt232 was after the WII --> WEE pun specifically I think Paul.

    Nuffin like a bit of toilet humour for a giggle :)
  11. toilet humor asside, i've ordered mine and pick it up tomorrow morning.
  12. And I GOT it, a quarter of an hour after he posted it. He said all he really wanted to do was write the thread title, and I said I had figured that out, why else would I have said that, if I HADN'T got the wee-wii joke???
  13. ur too subtle :wink:
  14. While I reckon the Wii is a great product, I just don't see it getting anywhere near PS3 in the long term.

    The main problem that I see with the Wii is it needs 2 things that not everyone will have.

    1. Space to stand and move your body around
    2. A big screen that is at the right height when standing.

    I toyed with the idea of getting one. (I would love to play Wii Sports) until I realised there is not enough room in my lounge and that my TV is at head height when sitting.
  15. I play in my room, around a foot from my TV, which is just about testicle height when standing. The area is about the width of a king single bed. Works fine for me. You don't need to make massive swings of the controller or anything.
  16. You can't pussy foot around toilet humour, just got to wade in.
  17. Yer my mate has his setup in the lounge of a thin terrace house, hulking great lounge suite behind us and deep CRT TV in front we had about 1.5-2 metres depth to work with....the coffee table had to go though.

    And it wasn't a problem with a TV at waist height.
  18. Like bowhunting or computer hacking skills?

    Picked up my Wii at JB HiFi Melb at midnight when it launched. So far I have the console with Wii Sports, extra remote / nunchuck with Wii Play and the Zelda and Rayman games.

    All I can say is, don't knock the system until you've tried it. It's nothing like the X360 or PS3 and it's not trying to be. For roughly the price of an X360 console I got all of the things listed above. I'm not surprised they are selling at the rate that they do.