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How many people did i save today? (lol)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mendy, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Was in the cage today near Moe heading back towards Melbourne and saw cops hiding in the bush. I flashed about 8 (speeding) bikes today, just wondering if I saved any of you from a fine.
    BTW I was in a green Oddesey :) :)

  2. I did the same on my bike a few days ago in between Sassafras and Olinda.

    Flashed 2 bikes but it was a fair distance away from the 3 porky piggies.


    But i never warn people of Booze bus's, and neither should you! (to anyone who does, fag)
  3. I wiped off 5 today. I must have saved millions, maybe billions, dare I say trillions of people, all over the world.
  4. Almost goes down as quote of this year to date :LOL:
  5. The ex-policeman who was my instructor on my pre-Ls told me that it is in fact illegal to warn other motorists of speed trapping cops, you can get fined, but I'm not sure if you lose points.

    They are everywhere lately though :cry:
  6. Just did a quick google, cuz i didn't believe that it's actually illegal :furious:
    turns out that in some states (WA) you can also lose points on-top of the fine.

    EDIT: After some further reading I noted (from public comment's - don't take as fact) that is only illegal to flash your high-beams, but legal to 'flick' your low-beams on/off.
  7. True, no idea of the penalty, but you could just as easily say there was some kids playing near the road a bit further back, or a dog was running accross the road, etc. and you thought they needed a warning. Which is what the headlight flash was all about anyway, iirc, it means "pay attention, trouble ahead".
  8. See that really fcukin shits me! These radars/cameras are supposedly there to 'slow us down, yet they fine us when we warn others of their prescence! Just another bit of proof that it's all about revenue and not about saving lives at all :evil:
  9. :roll: guess that worked for you in grade 2, and never grew up hey? :roll:
  10. the same thing happened a couple years ago, a radio station was describing the locations of cameras / radar cops...the police took them to court and the radio station argued "Are you trying to slow people down, or collect money?"

    Seemed the radio station was helping to save lives more then the cops.. :roll:
  11. I knew it was wrong to flash your high beams to warn of speed cam ahead...but didn't think of high beam flashing as illegal. What the hell are you meant to do when a slow person is in the fast lane and you flash your high beams to tell to move over...do you get a fine? If you under take, you get fined...you tail gate, you get fined. If you stick behind the slow driver...you get more aggravated and thus a bigger risk in getting into an accident.

    Anyways, back on topic...good on you for warning other motorists.

    phong =P~
  12. Wow, intresting responces. I cant seem to find anything about the legal side.
    I was just woundering how many times undercover cops have been flashed to say that their are other police ahead? :p
  13. Warning people isn't illegal. But the act of using highbeams improperly (eg. within x distance of cars etc.) is.

    So they won't do you for warning, they'll do you for the lights.

    Just use your hand in a downwards motion to get your message across if you're really that worried about it.
  14. Good point, you're probably right about the high beams thing - although the cops probably only care that it was with the intent to warn others of a speed trap.

    The last time someone gave me the hand in a downwards motion it was because a big bloody lizard was crossing the road - I was in the car and hit it (but only at about 5km/h coz I slammed the brakes) because I was too busy worrying about WTF the fat woman in the 4wd was waving at me for until it was 20m in front of me :shock:

    Lizard was fine.
  15. I used this trick. And I tested it.

    I was tootling down the Queens Highway, in broad day light, and fine weather, when I espied a TOG in his car, with speed gun out the window, aimed at me. What I did was not 'flash my lights', I turned them on, and left them on, while driving right past him. You should have seen the look on his face as I drove past, the blood vessels on his temple looked like firehoses ready to pop! I was well below the speed limit I might add. Anyway, he packed up shop, and spun his TOG cars wheels up as he sped down the road behind me, and flashed his flashing lights and sounded his siren.
    I pulled over and as Mr TOG walked up to me I wound the window down and asked him what the matter was, and he of course said I flashed my lights to warn other drivers of a speed trap, and it was illegal to flash your lights to warn other drivers. I said to him I didn't flashed my lights at all, and that my headlights were in fact still on, and had been constantly on since I first turned them on when I saw him. So there was no way he could say I flashed. I also said to him that it couldn't be illegal to turn your lights on if a policeman sees it! I also said to him that it isn't illegal to turn your lights on during the day, seeing that with Volvos it is hard wired, as it was with motorcycles. I also said to him that there wasn't some official lights on and off curfew times that I hadn't heard of? I also asked him which driver I had 'warned' by turning my lights on. Mr TOG was not very happy with me by this time, and checked my 1974 Leyland Mini over for unpaid rego, rust, bald tyres, faulty lights, cracked windscreen, faulty horn, windscreen wipers and washers, seatbelts, handbrake, and took the details of my license. In the end he just gave me back my license and left. Ha.....
  16. when i was in primary school we had a police officer doing community work with us once a week. this very subject came up and she told us it is not illegal at all, and that at least it is slowing motorists down. which is the whole point!
  17. Perfect thread for me to ask people their opinion on my theory here :p


    You are riding and u see a cop on the side, u flash on coming cars/bikes to let them know, the cars slow down and no one gets a fine.

    The money raised is lower and the cop still has to make budget for the period right? so now the pressure is on, naturually they would up the intensity right? blitzes, defect stations, more aggresive tactics etc

    Now, have you unintentionally put yourself in a higher risk of getting done for a minor offense at a later time(which may have been ignored because they had already hit budget) because u compromised the revenue raising operation of the high way patrol and saved a few strangers possible infringement notices.

    Should you

    A-look out for numero uno and make sure your doing the right thing

    B-warn every tom dick an harry about RBT / speed traps ahead
  18. If this is how they work out how many people to fine then there should be an investigation into exactly who they are trying to protect, road users, or the governments coffers.

    I would always flash because it keeps people alert, same as how I flash when a truck overtakes me because it gives them the all clear to merge back in, and a few friends have told me that they really appreciate it.
  19. hey Pist-N-Broke
    thats a classic story... love it :!:
    ive always, always flashed my lights. its a pity it isnt done much these days. used to happen all the time.
  20. You are my hero! Actually I did a similar thing with a bus lane. Link